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“Princess Machine” November 19, 2013

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Thanks, T!


Ellen on Bic’s lady pens September 30, 2013

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An old one but a good one. Happy Monday, ya’ll.





(Thanks for reminding me of this, M!)


Gendered yoghurt September 27, 2013

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Gendered crayons? September 10, 2013

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Since the whole point of crayons is to have a big range of colours, this might seem impossible. But it’s not!

Oh and I guess I was wrong about wanting a big range of colours. Mustn’t have pink or purple trucks! From here.

(Thanks Mr J!)


Toys R US agrees to move away from gender-coding! September 6, 2013

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For more, go here.

Toys R Us agreed to work on plans for a fresh marketing scheme that falls in line with Let Toys Be Toys’s principles. The goal of the partnership is to eventually phase out gender-specific marketing and to promote the idea of boys and girls being able to fully enjoy the same toys, no questions asked and no suggestions made. The upcoming Christmas catalog will be the company’s first true test of these new techniques.


Sadly the photo used to illustrate is not from the new Toys R Us catalog…



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Sigh. May 4, 2013

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For more, go here.

(Thanks, L!)


Picking out curtains April 5, 2013

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The last time I checked, curtains did not have genders. But then maybe I’m missing something.


Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 16.24.45


International Women’s Day! so, pink phones..? March 8, 2013

Filed under: empowering women,gendered products — Heg @ 8:13 pm

Really, Oxfam? Pink phones? Was there no other way to achieve such a laudable goal?


Men! Shopping for groceries! January 20, 2013

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Quick! Stock up on beef jerky and batteries. (Thanks, Jender-Mom!)


Hasbro Steps Up December 23, 2012

Filed under: gendered products — philodaria @ 2:05 am

In response to a petition started by McKenna Pope, Hasbro will soon be revealing a new model of the Easy-Bake Oven (which will be black and silver) and has pledged to start marketing the toy in a more gender-neutral way.



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