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Chris Lebron Interviewed at 3:AM: “The Colour of Our Shame” September 29, 2014

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You can read the interview here.

“Chris Lebron is a philosopher who asks deep questions about theories of justice appropriate for race. He thinks about bridging the gap between abstraction and lived experiences, about American democracy and racial inequality, marginalisation and oppression, about the idea of character and how it helps explain racial inequality, about the problem of social value, about why Rawls isn’t enough, about ‘white power’, about despair and blame, about perfectionism and egalitarianism, about soulcraft politics, about three principles of racial justice and about the lamentable number of black philosophers currently working in the Academy. Give this one the time of day to sink in, then reboot…”


Some What It’s Like to Be a Woman Links September 22, 2014

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Large H/T to GeekFeminism.org for several of the links.


What  it is like to be a woman and a war historian.

What it is like to be a woman and a cartoonist. (NSFW – nudity)

What it is like to be a woman and  a pioneer in the tech industry.

What it is  like to be a woman of color and “the only one in the room.”

What it is  like to be a woman and a game developer receiving online and offline harassment. (NSFW – expletives)

What it is  like to be a woman and sick of “writing about white people.”

What it is  like to be a woman and a superhero.

What it is t like to be a woman and a wizard at Hogwarts.


Leaked Nude Photos as Sex Crimes, Not Scandals September 2, 2014

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Two posts arguing that treating the recently leaked nude photos of several actresses as “scandals” is wrongheaded. They are intentional violations of people’s sex lives, and thus are sex crimes.

Post from The Belle Jar

Post from Forbes

(H/T RM)


Mansfeel Park August 1, 2014

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From a Buzzfeed article:

“Manfeels Park is a new web comic that takes actual comments from men on the internet and puts them into scenes from Jane Austen’s stories. Because basically, that’s where they belong. In the 19th century.”


Check it out here.  I thought this one was particularly good.





Syllabi on Underrepresented Areas of Philosophy May 8, 2014

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You can download sample syllabi from the areas of philosophy listed below. I think this is a great resource that a lot of people (myself included) have wished existed. Now it does!

(Link to the whole list of syllabi.)

African/Africana and African-American Philosophy; American Philosophy; Asian and Asian-American Philosophy; Bioethics; Feminist Philosophy; Indigenous Philosophy; Introduction to Philosophy; Islamic Philosophy; Latin American Philosophy; LGBTQ Philosophy; Multicultural/World Philosophies; Philosophy and Disability; Philosophy of Action; Philosophy of Art; Philosophy of Biology; Philosophy of Economics; Philosophy of Gender; Philosophy of Race; Philosophy of Religion;  Philosophy of Sport;  Philosophy of Science;  Social and Political Philosophy


Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013 December 14, 2013

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This seems like a nice list to browse through if you need a reminder that a lot of interesting and badass things happened this year.

28 Most Iconic Feminist Moments of 2013



Sexism, STEM, and Internet Bullying December 3, 2013

Emily Graslie of The Brain Scoop talks about creepy, sexist, internet comments, what it’s like to be a woman in STEM related internet content creation, and what we can (begin) to do about it.



The Genderbread Person Redux – When Activism Gets Problematic September 21, 2013

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[This post has been completely re-written, so if some of the earlier comments seem to be referring to things that aren't here, that's because they are. Thanks to Sam B for pointing out the plagiarism issue and to Rachel for helping me find the end of the article...because it's been just that kind of day for me.]

This weekend I stumbled onto the site It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, and found a graphic explaining the different aspects of sex, sexuality, and gender.

It turns out that site’s creator, Sam Killermann, plagiarized that graphic, and now has thrown a bunch of intellectual property stamps on it, and has even included it in a book he made. (Though you can get the book for free. But he has still made money off of all this.)

The four original authors of the concept are: Cristina GonzálezVanessa PrellJack Rivas, and Jarrod Schwartz

As awesome as it is to have people want to be cis straight while male allies,  we have to as allies constantly keep vigilant that we are not blocking out the voices of the people we are trying to support with our own.  Otherwise we are undermining the very project we are trying to help. And one thing you notice sort of quickly from Killermann’s projects is that you see a lot of him, and hear a lot of his voice but you don’t see or hear a lot of specific people that he is advocating for.

So again, here are some of their voices, specifically on his plagiarism.  (Same link as above.)

And here is one of the earlier gingerbread persons:

Some parts of Killerman’s projects still have merit: the comment thread on this post has some good stuff in it. But I think legitimately, some people will not want to visit his websites.

As Laverne Cox said when this issue of plagiarism was brought to her attention,

“…those who lay the groundwork don’t often get the credit. The universe is trying to tell me something. We cannot silence the voices of those doing the hard work so that we can flourish.”
(Sorry I can’t find the exact tweet. This is also in the storify post linked above.)

That is, without respect for the people we are trying to support, our support is hollow.

From Cisnormativity (the Storify OP):

 Without that respect, any work done in the name of social justice isn’t actually the practice of social justice. It’s erasure. It’s a tossing of the most marginal people from the bus of acceptance, enfranchisement, and citizenship. It’s the theft of lived experiences. It’s why intersectionally marginalized people along multiple axes still cannot reach so many of their dreams, their potentials, or their hopes .


A Three-Minute Demonstration of What Infantilizing a Grown Woman Looks like September 8, 2013

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On a Morning Joe broadcast from 2007, Mika Brzezinski became indignant when her producer tried to have her to lead the news with a story about Paris Hilton getting out of prison, as opposed to talking about the Iraq war, among other things. (There is also something worth saying here about why Paris Hilton is taken to be especially unfit and undeserving of attention in the news, and why an anchorwomen is pissed to be covering such a story.)


You can watch a few clips edited together here  of her two co-anchors then telling her to “take control” of her job, to not use her producer’s commands as a cop out, and to make her own lead…and then proceed to ignore her commands, physically control her actions, and make light of her indignation over lax journalistic standards.  The editing may be making the interactions look more disrespectful than they actually were, since there is usually is a lot of bantering on the show.  But even granting that, grabbing a lighter from someone’s hand belies your insistence that they should take charge.  Even if Brzezinski didn’t feel disrespected by her colleagues, their actions have such a weird patronizing undercurrent to them. (I’m sure someone somewhere can describe this with more exact philosophy-speak.)


Here’s an article written shortly after the newscast aired. And here’s a previous Fem Phil post from 2012  about another incidence where Scarborough claims that he respects Brezinski while his actions cast doubt on that point.



#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen August 14, 2013

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Read about how the hashtag got started here.

“The hashtag was originally coined by blogger Mikki Kendall during a Twitter debate about Hugo Schwyzer, an American academic and self-described “male feminist”. Schwyzer has been accused of harassing non-white female bloggers and recently wrote that his critics drove him offline.”


You can also read tweets with the hashtag here.

And you can see a Jezebel article here where many people in the comments call out the blog for praising the hashtag but erasing the WoC who created it.




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