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Register now: Critical Philosophy of Race, London April 17, 2014

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There is a truly awesome looking conference happening in London this June on Critical Philosophy of Race. Here’s the description, which shows just how uniquely important this conference is:

Since the publication, in 1992, of Professor Kwame Anthony Appiah’s In my father’s house: Africa in the Philosophy of Culture, the new discipline of the Critical Philosophy of Race has flourished among anglophone analytic philosophers. Yet, Critical Philosophers of Race have tended to confine themselves to an analysis of racial problems that arise in the politics, and against the historical background, of anglophone North America. This parochial focus has given the false impression that the Critical Philosophy of Race is irrelevant outside of the US and Canada. For this reason, in this, the first of three annual international conferences on the Critical Philosophy of Race, we will challenge this false impression, by showcasing work that demonstrates the relevance of the Critical Philosophy of Race (a) to the British Isles. Future conferences will showcase work that demonstrates the relevance of the Critical Philosophy of Race (b) to the European Union and (c) to the wider world outside of anglophone North America. The aim of these three conferences is, successively, to globalise the Critical Philosophy of Race.

Race works differently in different places, and it’s vital to explore not just anglophone North American perspectives on the topic— I’ve been so frustrated teaching this in the UK, and having so little literature on race in my students’ own country. This looks like a fabulous and much needed event.

I’ve been told that there have already been many registrations– but all from OUTSIDE PHILOSOPHY. Sadly, philosophers are so far under-represented amongst attendees. This needs fixing!! Philosophers: Go NOW and register for this first of its kind event!!!!!


Philosophy and Race at Practical Ethics April 13, 2014

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Oxford philosophy DPhil student Gulzaar Barn has written an extremely important, thoughtful, and thought-provoking post on philosophy and race over at Practical Ethics.

Please consider joining the discussion!


Whiteness of academia, and celebration of eugenicist April 7, 2014

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Gosh, could there be a connection?

William Ackah, lecturer in community and voluntary sector studies at Birkbeck, University of London, told the event, which was chaired by UCL provost and president Michael Arthur, that outdated Victorian views on the “wild and untamed” nature of “the Negro” still persisted at some level in UK universities.

“This [idea] that black life is…anti-intellectual still echoes down the corridors of time,” Dr Ackah said on 10 March.

“Society has grown comfortable with black people in sport or music, [but] it has a problem with black people leading in public life and academia, even if…we are more than capable of doing so,” he added.

The situation contrasts with US universities, where the existence of black studies courses had created a space for black academics to gain a foothold in academic life, Dr Ackah explained.

And also…

Amid many comments from a mainly black audience of students and academics, UCL itself was also criticised for its uncritical praise of one of its benefactors, the Victorian polymath Francis Galton, known as the “father of eugenics”.

One student raised the issue of UCL’s Galton Lecture Theatre – Galton also endowed a professorial chair in eugenics, now genetics, at UCL – in light of the scientist’s controversial opinions on the “inferior Negro race”, whom he hoped to be supplanted in Africa by the “industrious, order-loving Chinese”.

“Why do we celebrate someone like Francis Galton who hated us [ie, black people]?” the student asked.

Thanks, N!


On the Absence of Black British Academics

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It is a shocking statistic that there were just 85 black professors in UK universities in 2011-12. In stark terms, this means that there are more higher education institutions than there are black British, African and Caribbean professors actually teaching in them. The latest figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency put the number of UK academic staff from a known ethnic minority at 12.8%.

In contrast, black and minority ethnic students are well represented. In some institutions, such as City University, they make up nearly 50% of the student population. Yet even in these universities black academics are a rarity, particularly those in senior positions.

It is hard to think of an arena of UK public life where the people are so poorly represented and served on the basis of their race. Yet this scandalous state of affairs generates little by way of investigation, censure or legal scrutiny under the 2010 Equality Act.

Thanks, N!


Daily Mail Really Unable to Cope April 5, 2014

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with scientists who are women of colour. (I know: you’re shocked.)

UPDATE: There’s now a petition, created by the UCL branch of the UCU.

A piece in the Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column on Wednesday used their appearance on BBC’s Newsnight on Monday to comment on the possibility of a new era in understanding the origins of the universe to have a dig at the programme’s “Guardian-trained editor, Ian Katz”, who, it said, “is keen on diversity”.

The item added: “So, two women were invited to comment on the report about (white, male) American scientists who’ve detected the origins of the universe – giggling Sky at Night presenter Maggie Aderin-Pocock and Sri Lanka-born astronomer Hiranya Peiris.”

For more, go here.


This is the US criminal justice system April 2, 2014

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Rich white man gets no jail time for raping three year old. Meanwhile, they’re now seeking 60 years for Marissa Anderson’s warning shot in self-defence. Presumably I don’t need to remind you of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis.

[Of course, it isn't just the *US* criminal justice system that behaves like this. But that's where these particular recent examples are.]


Race and marijuana March 19, 2014

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a graph shows the rate of arrest for marijuana


Startling figures highlighted by the ACLU. They have more information on this website – though be advised the website design is very inaccessible.


Disciplined for racism March 12, 2014

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Alfred Duckett, the only African American professor in the Cameron University Department of Music, is being disciplined, perhaps fired, for creating a hostile “racist” climate.  The article is disturbing, suggesting that part of the account of Duckett’s “problematic” behavior included placing anti-racism signs on his office door, advocating for diversity in hiring, raising race as a topic for departmental discussion, and describing a colleague (or her comment) as racist.  The AAUP is assisting Duckett, as it does seem this conflates “talking about race” with “racism.”  Very disturbing.   Link here: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2014/03/12/cameron-u-professor-sues-first-amendment-violations


Why Isn’t My Professor Black?

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For those of us who couldn’t make this excellent event at UCL, a recording is available here! (Thanks, N!)


Samir Chopra on the Dearth of Black Philosophers March 9, 2014

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