This is, I think, a really interesting area of feminist discussion. It seems to me a very rare area in which feminists hurl some pretty surprising insults at the choices some women (including feminists) make. Everyone agrees that coerced C-sections are a bad thing, and that really really necessary ones are a good one. But the choice of a C-section is a trickier area. Here at Broadsheet (of which I’m actually a great fan) we see a narrow range of options for why women might choose C-sections: being lazy, wanting to be like Posh Spice, avoiding excruciating pain, and maintaining work schedules. In context, it is clear that *maintaining work schedules* and *avoiding excruciating pain* count as “a societal reason” that amounts to “treating childbirth like a Bikini wax”. Wow. Would these two reasons be treated so dismissively in any other area of life?