De Anza rape case

No charges will be filed in the alleged gang rape of a seventeen year old girl at a De Anza college baseball team party. The Sheriff’s Office stated that there was insufficient evidence. There are, however, eyewitness reports from three other women at the party, who guessed what was happening, pushed open the door to the room which was being held shut by two men, and made all the men leave the room. They found a young woman semi-conscious on the bed. Her lower garments had been shoved down one leg, she was naked from the waist up, and her face was covered in vomit. They immediately took her to hospital. Nevertheless, there was ‘insufficient evidence’. Note also that the three rescuers were subjected to harassment on campus for talking to police about what they had witnessed. More about the case here and here.

One thought on “De Anza rape case

  1. More good examples of epistemic injustice and credibility issues, as mentioned in Stoat’s post on asylum seekers. Also, the harassment of those who are willing to protest rape and testify against it can definitely lead to silencing– although it didn’t in the case of these very brave women. I was also struck, in the story from the second link, by the victim’s first words being “I’m sorry”. This reminded me of this Joss Whedon post that’s been getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere lately, on the ways that women are both socialised and treated.

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