11 thoughts on “What working women want

  1. I’m pretty sure this is not intended to woo “working women,” but rather fourteen year old girls. All the fourteen year old girls with two grand.

  2. After living in China for a few years, it’s occurred to me that many young females in their early twenties still behave like, what we would consider to be, fourteen-year-olds.

  3. I wonder if they make a transformers one for the boys?
    Probably not; I assume there’s the annoying presumption that boys just are interested in computers, whereas the machines need glitzing up before the girls will take a look at them…?

  4. The hello kitty is fairly silly, and I am not sure what kind of respect you’d get around the office with that on your desk. But how about all the pink stuff, the “pinkifying”? Pink boxing gloves are available for purchase that benefits breast cancer awareness and the like. Everything’s pink, it’s overkill: http://www.pinktoolbelts.com, etc.

    Does “feminising” really mean “trivializing” of women’s pursuits, notably in traditionally male spaces? When does appropriating the masculine (by making it pink) get turned around and trivialized? Is there so much pink that breast cancer awareness is losing its meaning?

  5. Since it seems like an Asian product: I’m theorizing that eastern markets are much less driven by moralizing. I think a lot of Asian girls would simply think, “Oh, they’re finally making cute things for us!” I’m not sure the market is wrong in assuming that girls would want those kinds of products in Asia; all my anecdotal evidence points to a large percentage of females enjoying them. Of course, there are underlying problems with dividing personal preferences down gender lines. My point simply being that feminism takes a very different form in Asia–one must be careful when making judgments from a western cultural perspective…

  6. i think the laptop is really cute, all the ladies wwho are disliking it actually want it for themselves (n r secretly jealous) no offence!!!!
    and NICK girls want boiz aswell so i beleive they’re CRAP aswell…

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