Midwest SWIP CFP

Another call for papers of interest to feminist philosophers:

Midwest Society for Women in Philosophy: Call for Papers

Midwestern SWIP has always had a practice of making its programs spaces for work that develops feminist ideas, theory, philosophy and practice. We have not included on our programs work that is not engaged in feminism.

At this time, we amend this practice so our programs are spaces for work that, whatever else it does, connects themes of feminism and male supremacy with themes of anti-racism and white supremacy.

Midwest SWIP is an interdisciplinary conference with a particular emphasis on troubling the discipline of philosophy and the theory/practice dichotomy.

Fall 2007 Division Meeting
October 26-28, 2007
University of Toledo, Toledo, OH

Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2007

We invite work in all areas relating to feminist anti-racist theory/practice, from political theory and ethics to metaphysics and epistemology as well as papers, panels, and performances that engage feminist anti-racist praxis and theorizing more broadly.

Papers, poetry, panel proposals and/or other proposals and queries should be sent via email to each of the following:

Gaile Pohlhaus at pohlhag@muohio.edu


Sophie Vick at VickSoph@msu.edu

Travel Grants: Midwest SWIP subsidizes travel to
meetings (up to $70.00) for those who are students, unemployed or underemployed.