18 thoughts on “Tampon Stun Gun

  1. Not philosophical, but I can’t help liking it for the fact that whipping out an unwrapped tampon would, in its own right, shock and repel most men long enough for someone to successfully use the weapon when needed. (Stun ’em with the fear of girl cooties, then stun ’em for real.)

    On the other hand, it kind of has a similar quality to the femininely blinged computer. Why make a stun gun with a feminine (if bizarrely so) look? If the point is to have something that others don’t suspect is a weapon, how about one that women can carry more openly, such as one disguised as a cell phone. Or is a cell phone! (Hey, Treo, how about a new Quatro: phone, PDA, camera and stun gun….) Sorry. I’ve just always wanted a good self-defense weapon and I don’t think I’ll see a phaser in my lifetime. (Personally, I’d advocate every women having a protection-trained Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd that is allowed everywhere any other service dog is. But that’s just me.)

  2. Philosophical Relevance? Given the general ignorance about and perhaps even contempt for the Vagina and the menstrual cycle, what are the moral implications of further associating female genitalia with weapons of masculinized destruction?

    OK, I’m stretching a bit…

  3. Hmm… I’m loving both of these! I’ll have to decide which to go with before I place my order.

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  5. This is great stun guns being disguised to look like somenthing else. Self Defense products are very helpfull these days.

  6. The tampon alone would keep most guys away.Three of my friends were attacked last year, naturally I was upset. After looking into self defense products I stumbled upon a cell phone stun gun called the pretender. After a friend of mine bought one I decided to put these into as many womens hands as I could. I’m tired of the horror stories and crime stat’s. So I decided to do something about it. Self Operated Secuirty now has 100’s of items for personal and home defense. Check it out at sos-defense.com

  7. Great Information, what amazes me is there anything that a stun gun cannot be built-in to. Tampons, cell phones, lipstick, flashlites, batons, I think the posibilites are endless.

  8. It’s so true, you can put stun guns into anything these days. Just buy one that is right for you, so you will have it out and ready. None of them do any good if they are out of reach. The one that is best for me is the cell phone stun gun. The style and size fits my lifestyle. Carrying my cell phone stun gun has now become a habit, one of my better ones.

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  10. That is funny. Just the thought of a woman pulling out a tampon and pointing it at the criminal would probably send him into a rolling fit of laughter..until he found out it was really a stun gun. By than it would be too late though. Great idea.

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