Female feet

Feet. They contain 25% of the bones in the body, and carry us about all over the place, bearing the weight of our bodies, and making sure we don’t topple over. Sensible folk might consider them best left alone, unless they need fixing. But this isn’t the view of female fashion, which has at various times and in various places, dictated foot intervention. Modern folk may shun foot binding, but that doesn’t stop us from cramming our tootsies into pointy-toed platforms with ten inch heels. Willing to suffer ankle, knee, hip, back and neck problems for the latest stiletto fancy, women – particularly in the US – are now turning to surgery to deal with wayward feet. Shortening procedures are available for unsightly toes that flop over the sides of sandals; fat toes can be toe-tucked; the balls of feet can receive extra cushioning in the form of collagen injections to make wearing extremely high heels more comfortable. One can even book oneself in for a complete feet-lift. So, gals, there’s really no excuse for stomping around in those flat lace-ups. More info here.