Progress on Transgender Rights

New Jersey has just made it illegal for landlords and employers to discriminate against transgender people, or against people who fail to conform to gender stereotypes, joining 8 other states that ban discrimination against the transgendered. Pathetic that it’s still legal in 42 states, but still– progress is good. In the UK, it is currently legal to discriminate against transgendered people in the provision of goods, services, and housing, although not employment. More on UK law here. Thanks to S for passing this on to me.

2 thoughts on “Progress on Transgender Rights

  1. I find it interesting having done research on Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2007. That the wording in the text never says anything about Transgender Americans, and Bisexual Americans. I think as a whole people do not understand that we as TG are really being discrimenated against because they do not understand us. Or is it they fear the unknow?

  2. I’m a newcomer to these issues. I had thought that perhaps the broader wording suggested by the Post article,in terms of ‘gender status’, would help to avoid controversy over the exact definition of ‘transgender’ (e.g. a lawyer arguing that someone doesn’t count because they haven’t had a particular operation). Is this thought misguided?

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