I Did Not Ask For It

From The F-Word, I’ve learned of an interesting campaign:

Based on similar campaigns in India we are launching an “I DID NOT ASK FOR IT UK” campaign. We are asking women to send us garments they were wearing when they were sexually harassed, in any way. We would like you to add the message “I Did Not Ask For It” to the garment, sew it onto a tee-shirt or marker pen it onto a pair of jeans, embroider it onto a dress or boiler suit… Or draw, paint or digitise the message “I Did Not Ask For It” and then pin the drawing onto your chosen garment, photograph it and send it to us at our e.mail address or send with a comment to our myspace. Feel free to add other messages of your choice, be as creative as possible.We are going to make the pictures and garments into a washing line exhibition of art. The washing line will contain all types of clothing, therefore illustrating that sexual harrassment has nothing to do with what we wear, and everything to do with male power. From boiler suits and baggy jumpers to short skirts, this exhibition will say loud and clear that whatever we wear, we do not ask for sexual harassment. The washing line will march with us on this year’s Reclaim The Night march 07 and will then be exhibited at our rally. It will then appear at various other exhibitions across the UK and it will grow and grow. At the moment we are working on getting a po box or friendly postal address for women to send garments and designs in to us. Watch this space and see our website.LFN website here, MySpace here, email address londonfeminist@yahoo.co.uk.  

Women who are harassed often feel silenced and unable to respond, and this offers a way to give them a voice.  Hopefully, it will also get some press and help to communicate the important message that we’re not sending coded “harass me” messages with our choice of outfits.  Another great way of speaking out is of course the old favorite Holla Back.Lots of interesting stuff on harassment today, actually.  Feministing discusses some here: a woman’s diary of her harassment and what she was wearing, interviews with street harassers, and much more.  It sounds a bit like nobody comes off too well (the woman sounds pretty racist and blames this on her harassment experiences), but still interesting.