10 year old rape victim “provocatively dressed”

More on the “asking for it” front…. JP, in comments, called my attention to this appalling story. Two men, aged 24 and 34, raped a ten year old girl (one in a park, the other later in his home). One was given a 9 month sentence and the other will be free in four months (though his sentence is longer than that). The judge’s reasons for leniency? She “dressed provocatively” and looked older than her age. Bizarrely, “Judge Hall said in sentencing he faced a moral dilemma as the fact they had sex within 45 minutes of meeting was an absolute crime.”  Raping a 10 year old?  No problem. Having sex soon after meeting someone?  Now that’s a crime.  Perhaps the BBC took his quote out of context.

5 thoughts on “10 year old rape victim “provocatively dressed”

  1. thats bull, she may have dressed in a older fashion. But rape or molestation cases are held because a sexual act was “forced” upon another. That judge should be raped!

  2. Soooo where were her parents? And why were they letting her walk out of the house “provocatively dressed”?


    And what are they going to say when she’s a 12 year old prostitute and some FUCKING FREAK hacks off her limbs?!? She asked for it? Where were her parents? Let’s give the child protection workers gestapo power?

    This is disgusting. This crime is the fault of the criminals. She looked 16 is no excuse. 34 year olds should not be exploiting 16 year olds either. 10 year olds are not allowed to consent to ANYTHING. Not medical treatment, any type of business transaction, they’re not allowed to drive, own property, manage their own trust funds, etc., etc. HOW THE FUCK do these FOOLS justify applying the “she consented” argument to this case?

    And yet the consolation prize is age appropriate. As in freaking cheap. Way to teach another one of our little ones to be an underpaid jizz dumpster.

  4. Oops, another commenter pulled this one up. I didn’t check the date and just assumed that it was a new post.

    Why would somebody go roaming the internet looking for archaic posts about child rape for the sole purpose of making derogatory comments about the victim’s parents?

    That the commenter didn’t leave a name or email address is even weirder. Random creep, I guess. Oh well, back to the present…

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