UK Doctors Call for Abortion Reform

UK doctors have voted that women should no longer be required to obtain the consent of two doctors in order to have an abortion. Currently, two doctors must agree that continuing the pregnancy poses a greater threat to the woman’s physical or mental health than terminating it. This has been a serious barrier for many women, slowing the process and making it more difficult to obtain abortions in some places. So the proposed change (the law still needs to be altered) is good. Unfortunately, more than this is actually needed to speed things up. As things are now, it is common for women to be approved but still have to wait weeks simply due to NHS waiting lists. Doctors considered increasing the availability of abortions by allowing them to be carried out at GP surgeries and by midwives and nurses, but rejected these ideas. Too bad. More here.

Gender Savings Gap

Fawcett have recently reported on the gender savings gap – the inequality in the value of the savings of men and women, women’s savings being worth 33% less – being even greater than the pay gap (17%). Stats suggest that although men and women are as likely to save, women who do save have less money to put aside for savings – due to pay gap – and more financial commitments – caring, putting more spare income into the family rather than towards personal consumption. They also suggest that women are more likely to rely on male partners for saving for the future.

Another factor that leaves women economically and socially vulnerable – esp mothers and divorced women, the report claims. PDF downloadable from here, as well as summaryof key findings.