Incredibly fat, ugly woman in yogurt ad

Well, no. Actually she looks pretty great!

Yoghurt Ad

But we’re all supposed to find her ludicrous and repulsive. Tagline for the light yogurt ad: “Forget about it. Men’s preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt.” Via The F-Word. Just another one of those messages that helps to tell women that their bodies are not OK.

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  1. So I expect I’d deeply resent having to be in such circumstances, but I’d love to look like her, if I were.

    following links from the f-word, one finds three examples of the yogurt company’s add. The others are much less admirable. It might be worth thinking why.

  2. And here I thought it was going to be an enlightened ad recognizing her beauty. Silly me. I don’t eat this brand of yogurt and now I never will. And she looks pretty damned fit to me…

  3. What really gets me is that not only are they telling women to be skinny, they’re telling them to do it for a MAN. And the threat they pose is that his taste won’t change, meaning if you don’t stay thin, he will find someone else who is. Anybody with me?

  4. Surely they are joking.
    She looks just fine – not only that, but to address the point of the add directly, outside of the modern model era, she might well have been considered a standard beautiful look.

  5. Well that lady is beautiful, curvy….how a female should look.

    I guess all of us women better pick up the needle and get on our heroin addiction. It’s what men like…right?

    Crack whore skinny, it’s the new in!

    I love society and where media tries to take us…give me a break.

  6. I agree with Lindsay on crack-ho skinny trend.
    It never ceases to amaze me, how the disease of cultural depravity rears it’s first ugly symptoms via the Blackstone media blitz.

  7. parapraxis, you seem to have added a comma, but otherwise you comments are the same. I’ll take the first one out.

  8. That woman is beautiful, it’s incredibly sad that she was exploited in this way… And geez, it’s unconscionable that we should have to continually be bombarded with all those monstrously cracked and mega-wrinkled up faces online — showing women’s faces looking so unnaturally horrible. They are purposely making them look monstrous.

    The people responsible for continally stirring fear in women via those ads, those people are loathesome. That’s so detrimental to women — just like this ad. I wish women wouldn’t buy their damn products. But being forced to look at those ads online (many people have to be online for work), well, it should be illegal. If there’s a hell…

    But really, men who come up with these ads live in a miserable, plastic, shallow world — wearing masks of self-importance to hide their own fear of not measuring up, fear of not having sufficient bulge in their britches, heh And they probably don’t :)

    Women are being manipulated by this crap…and these “men who won’t change” are potently not worth a sh*t. So why do we care at all what they think? And even if every man was of the “no-change” variety, sh*t will still never trump being single and happy :) Why in hell would we want a jerk who would expect us to be perfect? Truly good men of substance and intelligence want women of substance and intelligence :) There are multitudes of such men who would find this woman extremely attractive.

  9. And isn’t it bizarre that the tagline is, basically, a lie? Men’s preferences change regularly, and as proof, I’d offer the observation that Mae West was about as zoftig as the woman in this ad. And Mae was considered a total hotsy-totsy.

  10. Another great example of women as sexual objects for the use and and pleasure of men.
    We may have fought our way out of the kitchen and into the work place and empowered ourselves with the right to vote and birth control but now it is up to us to fight the mental and social stigma directed towards women as sex objects. I for one, will not tolerate this, and hereby boycott this brand and all affiliates.
    This makes me sick.

  11. Wow, I thought she was gorgeous when I saw this… and she would be considered so in many cultures, and even ours back in the day. That is really sad. It looks like an ad celebrating the beauty of the feminine form, but nope. Just plain pathetic. Who comes up with this crap?

  12. Amazing when a pretty female body is unrecognized as such, isn’t it? I believe I’ll just go get some whole milk yoghurt with cream on the top. Maybe I’ll eat it; maybe I’ll bathe in it. I certainly won’t use it as proof that I am physically unacceptable as I am.

  13. Oh shut up, that ad does not represent the views of every man! i for one think she is good looking, do all women presume that all men think “a girl must have a thin waist and large boobs”, its bollocks and not true.

  14. As a guy…any body type (within reason) can be attractive to me. I don’t think the model looks bad at all. I don’t like the message that is tagged on with it. However, if the model were skinny and had something like “ want some meat” I would find that equally as offensive. Some women are bigger, while some women are naturally thin. It depends on your genes, where you live, and your eating habits.

    A woman can be curvy and STILL not be feminine. Likewise a woman can be skinny, but be very feminine. It’s about the attitude for me.

  15. Good Christ. This woman is supposed to be undesirable? I wish more women looked like her. Screw the yogurt; If you already look like her then mission accomplished.
    My mouth is starting to water and not from the yogurt.

  16. The woman is attractive. And, frankly, the men I know are very particular about what they find in a woman, but “skinny” is not always first on the list. Although a very subjective topic, hot is usually first. And, unless the man had a very bad experience with a fat woman, “not fat” is used in place of “skinny.” I think women just automatically think that if a woman is skinny then she is attractive. Personally, there are many “not skinny” women I find attractive.

    My fiance is always at odds with her size/weight. Most of her friends and the female companions of my male friends are also at odds with their size/weight. I have never heard a single comment beginning, “My man thinks I am…” It ALWAYS begins, “I think I am…”

    Yogurt… sucks. Eat real dairy products: milk and cheese. By the way, chicken is not a meat. Beef and pork is real meat, chicken is meat for metrosexuals and women.

    Kudos on writing about it, though.

  17. She is hot! What do people want, a skeleton? That’s not really fat anyway. That is beautiful art! Back in the day within Europe, decently heavy-sized women were sought after for it meant wealth, health, & fertility. A Gaian body is beautiful in my eyes.

    To Indira: I think she wasn’t forced to do this photo. As a matter of fact, I think she felt flattered to be considered a model. So much stigma is placed on heavy-sized women in the West. Poor heavier women go through a lot to be accepted by men who behold thinness as beauty only. I respect her as a model and I am a man who is adamantly against male chauvinism.

  18. This picture is an example of a REAL woman. She is what a woman SHOULD look like. Unfortunately, there are too few REAL MEN who “get it.” So many men have bought into the image of the freakishly bodiless, shapeless examples of underfed wraiths that some miscreant fools try to tell us are “the ideal woman.” Yeah; “ideal” if I’m attracted to broom handles.

  19. I totally agree! I mean what is the point in being thin anyway apart from health? Even then it isn’t always healthy to be thin! I hope that the people whomade this ad are really stupidotherwise they are just mean! :p

  20. When I saw this picture, I thought OMG!!! how embarrassing, it looks like someone took a naked pic of me. I am very curvy, and I thought wait, she’s really pretty. I felt pretty good about myself and then I saw the tag line. I was mortified. I suddenly went from happy to self conscious, as if I was the naked one. I thought that the picture would be on some idiots blog! Then I was reading and your page turned out to be very empowering. I think that it’s a very nice picture, and I wish there were more out there like it. Notice she’s not obese. She is not disgusting, and she has a very real sexual gravitation.

  21. I believe that she’s statistically “overweight,” but she also has a good waist-to-hip ratio, which is what really matters.

    Honestly, I think she looks great — and are you sure that was truly the message of the ad, or was it just very poorly worded?

  22. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In my opinion, she’s on the plushier side (I wouldn’t call her ideal, but I wouldn’t call her obese). Some people have a taste for such women. The trouble is that people have adopted a culturally relative standard for “beauty” universally that is very narrow (what I call famine beauty), which again speaks volumes about cultural relativism. From the medical perspective, she may be heading into overweight (observe the arms; her BMI is probably around 27 to 28). In my opinion, she isn’t hideous, but she’s also not my bag.

    rainbowgrl: Apart from health? Isn’t that the whole point? Don’t you think a healthy person is more attractive than a unhealthy person? More importantly, if thin meant healthy, then it would be something to strive for, would it not? Of course, thin is not necessarily healthy, depending on your definition. There is also body type to consider, which makes “healthy” specific to the individual.

    Anyway, people clearly need to learn to ignore crap like that. If one were to take personally all things that could aggravate an insecurity, then one would have a head the size of Alaska. If one truly believes that conforming to a cultural ideal is meaningless, then this ad wouldn’t cause this much distress. Otherwise, what you’re doing is becoming codependent by surrendering, in your mind, some of your self-control, some of your boundaries, your self, to something external of oneself (which is really an illusion). You are attempting to do away with your full responsibility for yourself by imposing a limit on your freedom.

  23. I was stunned when I read the tagline for the ad. I actually think this woman is incredibly HOT!!! and was stunned that anyone would try to present her as ugly – OMG…
    What really stuns me about today’s ideal of beauty is it is so warped. I was a fashion model in my twenties and the ‘ideal’ size for women then was size 12. The so-called ‘ideal’ size for women these days is size 6-8 even though this younger generation of women is taller than and consequently larger than my generation. How can that be??? Why should my gorgeous daughters and their friends be expected to be half the size of women a generation older and considerably smaller? The answer I’ve found is disempowerment. I’ve noticed that as women have gained power in society the ‘ideal’ size for women has become smaller and smaller – trying to put us ‘back in our place’ (at the bottom of the heap) anyone. Why should any woman buy into such crap…
    These incredibly small ideals are not healthy. If you diet or do not consume sufficient calories to maintain your body your brain starts to become muddled and your body starts to cannibalise its own organs. It’s called Brown’s Disease and the damage you cause is never repaired. So, as an older and more experienced woman in this culture, my advice to younger women would be: be strong, be capable, and above all be all the WOMAN you were meant to be. No matter what your body shape or size – BE YOURSELF!!!
    – and just to let you know. My last three lovers were all in their 20s and gorgeous. I fall over men all the time throwing themselves at my feet and my body is nowhere near are gorgeous as the beautiful young woman in the photo. I love yoghurt and I love life. Just be yourself, laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. Life (and lovers) will come to you.

  24. “Just be yourself, laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. Life (and lovers) will come to you.”

    Excellent advice, Jessie, and I would add to that, LOVE YOURSELF. Not an easy task in a world that continually tells us how inadequate we are (so as to sell us stuff)… But self-love is an integral aspect of what you’re advising, a must for a happy life…

    And note, if we allow guys to treat us like crap, that self-love thing isn’t happening. And when we have it, we readily recognize that if a guy doesn’t love us with small boobs, he also won’t TRULY love us after a boob job, nose job, etc. etc. He might be more physically attracted to us, but that’s not the same thing. If we’ve drawn a person to us who puts multiple conditions on their finding us valuable, acceptable, “loveable,” that’s a strong indicator that we put the same conditions on ourselves.

    Self-love requires no conditions — ya’ gotta love you just the way you are — FIRST. From THAT POINT, any changes you wish to make to your appearance or life will naturally begin to occur, but they will still be secondary to your own unconditional self-love. The beauty actually grows from the self-love, it will grow both inside and out, simply from that genuine, unconditional self-love. But THAT must come first, if one wishes to find true happiness — with a partner or life in general. See? :)

    Here’s a good relationship test question. Look at your partner, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife…and ask yourself, “Would he/she still love me, still be with me, if I was in a horrible accident…?” I imagine that’s a question many would not be willing to contemplate… But those who would, if the answer is no, why are you still with them?? The line of a song comes to me, “How deep is your love?” If it ain’t very deep (only “skin deep”?), we need to go back to Job One: Self-Love

    Master the self-love and the rest begins to fall into place, and we begin to draw partners that are worthy of the precious FINITE hours of our lives…


  25. this is a bit chunkier than the girl in this pic and i get so many guys looking at me and trying to pick me up while im working out at the gym,at the mall or just walking my dog for gods sake…jeez ppl,get real…srsly,she is gorgeous..and any “man” who doesnt think so,isnt a man at all-the ‘desire for thin waifs’ by younger men, comes from a fear of real women or a bad relationaship with their mother as a child..i personally have no time for nonsense like this,but i just had to comment on this shit..dairy isnt even good for anybody anyways,it causes obesity in the first place as all animal products do-as well as impotence,hairloss,heart disease,cancer and much more awful sicknesses and terminal

  26. sure, she’s hot… the ad would make way more sense if she were way, way more fat.

    at the same time, there is quite a range between “fat” and “skinny.” Everyone SHOULD aim at “fit.”

    fit is healthy, in shape, and approaching your best potential as a human. rabidly defending your right to be fat doesn’t help anyone. most of the comments here are so defensive it’s pathetic.

    bottom line: this chick is hot. but that doesn’t mean being fat is ok. get some freaking pride in yourself, already.

  27. I thought this woman was incredibly attractive, it’s disgusting that the media try and force these ideas of what’s acceptable onto us.

    That said, there are so many women

    “Yea the real earth goddess” said that men want these really skinny women because they can’t handle “real women””. There are many women who are very thing naturally, and don’t want to look like that, and when women like you tell them that they’re anorexic or somehow “not real”, and make slogans like “real women have curves” all your doing is replacing one ideal for beauty (being very thin) with another ideal for beauty (being curvy), and forcing all women to want to look like that instead. That is NOT progress, and it’s definitely not feminism.

    And i wish feminists would stop acting like the problem is just men, rather than society, as if all men are responsible for all the wrongdoings, and women aren’t at all. (when, in my experience, it’s the women who keep these ideals going more than the men).

    Dovelove for example said “the “men” who write these ads”. Are there no women making advertisements? Why do you assume it’s a man? (i was glad at the end though that you acknowledged the many men who aren’t so bad).

    But you also made a joke about how the men who write these ads don’t measure up in the trouser department. As if that made them less of a man…..Why is it perfectly acceptable for a woman to judge a man based on his “size” but if a man judges a women based on her size, it’s a huge deal.

    Yes, I’m a feminist, but I also believe men deserve all the same fair treatment and not being treated like a sex object that women do. And The unfortunate truth is that nobody seems to have a problem with man bashing. And that just disgusts me. if anyone wants to e-mail me a reply at all.

  28. Good points, DH, but I’m pretty sure not all feminists think it is all the men’s fault. We need to have a much more accurate picture of the source of the influences on us in such complex areas.

  29. Darren, what you said was probably the best comment I’ve ever read about this kind of things. I’ve read a lot of comments, bashing men, saying that we are guilty of all women’s problems… and that really isn’t true.

    Let’s say then, using Dovelove’s criteria, that all feminist (and women who say things like “trouser department”) are lesbian, fat, ugly that probably couldn’t get a normal man, and decided to buy 2523 cats and watch movies all day, moving towards an ideal, that’s only resentment. Not nice, huh?

    I think we shouldn’t tolerate any kind of bashing, towards anyone or any group. Also saying that real women shouldn’t be thin, or that men cannot put up with real women… I find that lame. Every women is a real woman, in the way she is… we should respect that.

  30. Honestly, I think people are misunderstanding the copy. In my opinion, I believe the ad is trying to strengthen women. “Forget about it. Men’s preference will never change.” I believe they are saying, “Who cares what men think. No matter what you do, they’re never going to change, so stop killing yourself to be anybody but yourself. So FORGET ABOUT IT.”

    As for being “fit yogurt”, it seems it is aiming to help you maintain your body without adding any extra calories or such. A lot of things in society today are packed with things that are bad for your health and the yogurt is trying to be one less item to do that.

    I think some people just misunderstood this ad and when it’s distributed as “This is ambushing women,” everyone follows suit without actually taking the time to really analyze it.

    I only say all this because I work in advertising and the very last thing you want to do in this business, or any business for that matter, is infuriate your consumer base. There is no way they’d even aim to do that. Yogurt isn’t exactly something you make ads for “shock” value. No sense in that, that’s not what the user group would connect with. It is possible that this ad could have been differently as to where a misunderstanding would not occur, however, I do not believe it’s aim was to do what is being said above.

    That’s my take.

  31. I agree with Darren on every point. Its hypocritical to complain about this ad and then criticise and insult slender women and mens genital size.

    And its a good point that this ad may have been designed by females. We don’t know.

    I do think she is a healthy size 12 though with a BMI in the recommended range. She’s not carrying any excess weight, which affects the intentions of the ad. They are showing a physically healthy attractive female in optimum health, though the wording is terrible. Its a bad advert because its impossible to understand what they are trying to say. Was it designed by men and women who are misguided into thinking that a normal weight is big, and such a sized person needs to diet? Or are they trying to show a healthy BMI (24ish?) woman to suggest their product can be part of a healthy diet and not make you underweight? I don’t know.

  32. Men and women are BOTH sex objects, who are valued for (on average) opposite evolutionary functions: men for power/status and women for beauty/nurturing.

    Feminists only seem to value power/status (in themselves as well as the men they wish to attract) while viewing beauty/nurturing as inferior and unneccessary. They don’t wish to fulfill the male need for femininity, yet they still expect their female need for masculinity to be fulfilled by men.

  33. Hi Shaun– that reading’s really interesting, and I must say it hadn’t occurred to me at all. I think it is possible reading of *this* ad. But, as it turns out, this ad was part of a series, to which you can get links here: I think those make it clear that we really are supposed to think this woman is fat.

  34. Well, I’m shocked, jender. There is really no denying then that this is an absolutely appalling advert.

    It would be really interesting to know if fit yoghurt sales went up in Brazil after the ads were shown.

  35. Being fit is what matters. Some people are healthy when they’re bigger and others are healthy when they’re smaller. “Attractive” means having the power to attract and I believe that has a lot more to do with your personality than your appearance. Of course appearance is importnant too but being sexy is not about size it’s about perception. I think this woman is beautiful but I have been attracted to woman both bigger and smaller than her in the past. She has sex appeal and she would still have it if she gained or lost weight.

  36. It seems as if she is a possible size 12 or 14 to me. In the UK, size 14 and 16 are average sizes. The problem with the whole thing is that women are made to feel self conscious and critical about their own and other women’s bodies. Feminists don’t blame men, as some commenters here seem to think, but they blame the ads, the fashion industry, culture and so on for promoting a kind of ‘ideal’ that we are all supposed to try and attain.

    This also goes the other way – women that are naturally skinny are made to feel bad because of the whole ‘size zero’ thing. We should stop commenting on women’s (and men’s) bodies, full stop. There should be a respect of difference and variety. Nobody is the same. Bodies are our only true unbought possession, they are us. So I find it incredibly sad and upsetting that our society is based on criticising and passing judgement on each others bodies.

    Western society seems to value uniformity – this can be seen in standard clothing sizes which just make women feel worse about themselves, for example if you are a size 16, 18 or 20, you feel reluctant to tell someone because those sizes are ‘stigmatised’.

    Being a fat woman, or a fat man, is stigmatised, because of the so called ‘obesity epidemic’. There are no concrete studies saying that a large woman is any less healthy than a thin woman: it depends on lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, etc.

    And we don’t have a right to dictate to people *how* they should live their lives. If they want to reach for that yummy chocolate bar, that is their choice; similarly, if they want to eat a yogurt, that is also their choice.

    There seems to be a ridiculous idea that all fat people live on a lifestyle of junk food, do no exercise, etc etc, when thin people are also huge consumers of junk food and may do no exercise (some thin people I know are very unfit). Everyone is different. I think Mikal is right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and both thin, curvy, straight up and down and fat people are beautiful.

  37. It seems as if she is a possible size 12 or 14 to me. In the UK, size 14 and 16 are average sizes. The problem with the whole thing is that women are made to feel self conscious and critical about their own and other women’s bodies. Feminists don’t blame men, as some commenters here seem to think, but they blame the ads, the fashion industry, culture and so on for promoting a kind of ‘ideal’ that we are all supposed to try and attain.

    This also goes the other way – women that are naturally skinny are made to feel bad because of the whole ‘size zero’ thing. We should stop commenting on women’s (and men’s) bodies, full stop. There should be a respect of difference and variety. Nobody is the same. Bodies are our only true unbought possession, they are us. So I find it incredibly sad and upsetting that our society is based on criticising and passing judgement on each others bodies.

    Western society seems to value uniformity – this can be seen in standard clothing sizes which just make women feel worse about themselves, for example if you are a size 16, 18 or 20, you feel reluctant to tell someone because those sizes are ‘stigmatised’.

    Being a fat woman, or a fat man, is stigmatised, because of the so called ‘obesity epidemic’. There are no concrete studies saying that a large woman is any less healthy than a thin woman: it depends on lifestyle, nutrition, genetics, etc.

    And we don’t have a right to dictate to people *how* they should live their lives. If they want to reach for that yummy chocolate bar, that is their choice; similarly, if they want to eat a yogurt, that is also their choice.

    There seems to be a ridiculous idea that all fat people live on a lifestyle of junk food, do no exercise, etc etc, when thin people are also huge consumers of junk food and may do no exercise (some thin people I know are very unfit). Everyone is different. I think Mikal is right. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and both thin, curvy, straight up and down and fat people are beautiful.

  38. wow, i would totally marry this chick if she lost about 5 stones (then again, she might just get fat again and i’d have to divorce her)

  39. This advertisement is blatantly sexist even abusive toward women.

    It uses a model a proportionately attractive model(proportionately attractive: meaning hip-waist ratio [which applies to all sizes], narrow shoulders, shapely, and symmetrical). Not only is this model proportionately attractive, but she also has smooth, beautiful, perfect skin, which is free from blemishes, moles, scars, lumps, bumps, as well as apparantly even hair folicles and pores. The model has a beautiful, healthy-head of hair, an attractive face, and a gorgeous smile, which exudes warmth and confidence. This model is flawlessly beautiful. She glows and has been made to look more physically perfect than most woman (outside of an edited photograph) of all different shapes and sizes. She is a painting, evoking images of botticeli’s birth of venus.

    Telling women that this woman is physically unnattractive sends a terribly, negative, toxic message to all women regardless of their size. It sends a message that all women are unattractive, that they will never live up to what a man (or the other half of the population) expects them to be. In essence, the deep, underlying, psychological message is “Forget about it, a woman can never be perfect enough to be a man.”

    PS. Haha Andrew Cross, I am assuming you are being facetious?

  40. Thanks, Joe. I was thinking of removing Cross’s comment; I hope, though, it is just meant to be funny and not destructive.

  41. This woman reminds me of the beautiful,lucious nudes painted centuries ago by the great artists.Fleshy,sensual,lush,feminine,round-BEAUTIFUL!Its a damn shame that we live in a culture that degrades women,teaches them to hate their bodies.I can tell you right now,my husband would give this woman a 10 rating.He cant stand skinny women,and loves Rubenesque women.Shame on this company for being so cruel and ignorant!

  42. What is wrong with you.

    1.She is not ugly at all.
    2.She is not even that fat.
    3. I am so glad that they break that stupid stereotype that “only skinny women are attractive”. Girls ruin their life training to meet that stupid stereotype.

    4. She must have a beautiful ***

  43. John, if you looked at the post carefully, you’ll see we reject the ideathat she is ugly. The title is deeply ironic.

  44. It’s kinda funny how I ended up here. I was doing a Google search on ugly women and under the images tab, I see this beautiful woman here so I click to get a closer image. I didn’t understand at first what the advertisement was trying to say, because in my eyes, she’s effing hot! I’d love to look like her! After reading the Tagline several times, I realized that they were saying that she looked bad, which kinda startled me, and I then read through the comment left (many I agreed with, by the way). I felt compelled to set aside what I was doing and I had to write something about this. I totally agree with the obvious problem with society and how it affects us, women in particular.
    I’ve never been a small person, I always had a bit of weight on me. I was always shy because I didn’t look like everyone else, and I was made fun of a bit because I was bigger than everyone else. When I look back in photos, I realize that I wasn’t actually that big at all. When I hit puberty, I shot up in height until I’m the height I currently am (6’2”) and I really felt miserable and depressed. First off, I was “fat” and second off, I was a “giant”, which also helped none. I went many years believing that I wasn’t beautiful until I met a guy who found me very attractive and is with me to this day. I also found really good friends who have helped me through some really tough times. Now, I can truly say that I’m in love with myself, not because someone found me attractive, but I finally saw through the veil that had shrouded me for so long and I found myself attractive.
    That woman in the advertisement is gorgeous and it is in fact sickening that:
    1. Someone took the time to photograph her, knowing what the final product was going to be.
    2. Another person designed the advertisement, perpetuating the belief that a thicker woman is not desirable.
    And 3. The company itself displayed the advertisement with pride.
    Many eyes have seen and looked over this before it has ever touched the public view, and they all found it okay to display this.

  45. I wonder if the woman was digitally “upsized” or whether she had to surrender her own self-esteem in order to be on this ad. Looking at the two accompanying ads, it seems as though her body was digitally manipulated to look bigger.

    Nonetheless, my above musings don’t matter in the end, because it still sends an awful message about what women “should” be. It says that women should leave behind a healthy perception of themselves in favor of a dangerous obsession of making skeletons look fat with their “perfect” body.

    What women, and men for that matter, should be striving for is healthiness. I see myself in a way that I am beautiful no matter what shape I am, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t care at all about my body. Indeed, I do care about my body, and act accordingly, but it seems as though I am just naturally destined to be on the heavier side. Do I look down upon myself for that? I’m doing as I should be, so no, I feel as though I am in a good spot right now, and I shouldn’t put myself down because my body is naturally different from the skinnier girls.

  46. She looks ok to me. I do prefer slim girls but that is a personal preference. My bother prefers slightly heavier women. That again is a personal preference. The majority of men prefer slim but it is far from universal. I also wonder why women get so angry at the notion that they beautify themselves for men. I’m not suggesting this a womans sole, or even main motivation but to suggest it is not part of the equation seems naive to me. Very few men actually find skinny attractive and I am continually confused as to why the image is so sought by women. I think women often make the mistake of assuming that men are somehow responsible for every ‘Image’ promoted in the media. Many women, Victoria Beckam, Courtney Cox, Teri Hatcher etc. etc. etc. were all quite attractive until they ruined their bodies with the hyper thin thing. Healthy, a few extra pounds will always be far more attractive than super-thin. Men are pressurised the same way women are. In our case it is our behaviour and attitudes that are constantly scrutinised instead of our appearence.
    If you doubt the truth of that consider this.
    A shy, meek woman can be consider attractive and feminine. A outspoken, confident women can be considered attractive and fiery/spirited.
    A self-concious, introverted woman can be considered beautiful and thougtful.
    A man in only allowed to be confident and tough (at least in the emotional sense)
    What do think of shy, emotional men… honest.
    Also, women are what they are and are fighting for the right to be what they are without judgement or discrimination.
    Men are not afforded that privilage either. Men constantly supress their natures to fit into a PC world.
    You are correct to raise the objections that you do, it just sounds like you think it is only women who have to deal with this.

  47. I looked at other images that were displayed by the company referencing iconic imagery of American cinema/art and was surprised by what choices they made. First Marilyn Monroe reputation wasn’t just about her size it was about her personal life and sexual exposes. The other image depicted Sharon Stone from Fatal Attraction. I don’t see this just being about physical imagery I also see the depiction of American woman being riske or promiscuous in these ads. Both woman Monroe and Stone both are well known for exploring and in some views exploiting their womanhood. Perhaps there is an underlying push by the company to say don’t stay on the porch run with the pack. Though I don’t agree with the attempt it could have been seen as something of a boost.

  48. I am a size 12 (US), and I would say I am significantly smaller than her proportions. I am, medically speaking, slightly overweight for my “ideal,” and in the top end of the healthy Body Mass Index range. I don’t buy that she’s a “healthy” weight if we’re talking about medical statistics, however I’m not offended by her body, and don’t believe any man (or woman) should consider her unattractive based on that alone. That being said, I don’t personally find her body shape attractive, and would prefer my own shape and size to hers. I think attraction is unique to the individual, and I find it a little odd that people in this thread are suggesting that we should all find her really appealing. Would that not be the same as suggesting we all find stick-thin models to be appealing?

    With that, I think anything that attempts to perpetuate this disconcerting level of self-consciousness and personal degradation is completely unjustifiable. No woman should ever be made to feel that she is not “good enough” for men, for any reason. The fact that this view is so widespread amongst both sexes is really sad.

  49. It is not for me to say that she is either ugly or pretty primarily due to the fact that she is on the larger side. I think that all men and women are as beautiful as each other. These ‘impurities’ that the media shows us are what makes a human attractive. looking on life as a fine artist, i would much prefere to create a more free, expressive piece of art, rather than a picture perfect piece (that i could capture on a camera). the reason behind this is that the slight blemishes within the art work are what makes the work more visually exighting to look at and original. all you beautiful people out there, stop putting yourself down and start living because afterall who knows when we are to die?
    peace xxx

  50. WHAT???? I wish I looked like her! The way the morons worded it–and the explanation given—–you;d think she bleeding looked like Jabba the bloody Hutt!


  51. Does the ad really suggest that she is “ludicrous and repulsive”? If we consider simply whether most men would prefer that she be skinny, then yea, I’d say that’s correct. I can guarantee you that most men’s American Beauty-style daydreams do not look like this. Hence the obvious parody. If this were an ad aimed at women which featured a 5’0″, 110lb nerd with coke bottle glasses on the cover of a Danielle Steele novel, you’d understand why that was a funny juxtaposition, too.

  52. I think the woman is absolutely beautiful. Beauty is in a woman’s confidence in herself, taking care of herself. I personally prefer a curvy woman. Like I said….clean and confident. All a woman has to do is take care of herself and be happy with herself. Is that too much to ask?

  53. This add is disgusting. If my girlfriend saw it she wouldn’t know weather to cringe, cry, scream or tear it off the wall. It is wrong to depict a healthy looking woman as being overweight when that is just not the case. Myself and many others have a preference for larger woman anyway so this add is just off the planet. My girlfriend is a size 20 to 24 depending on cloths and she is beautiful, she still gets male attention and I think she is beautiful! she makes the girl in this add look like a stick and she is a healthy looking woman at the larger end of the HEALTHY WEIGHT RANGE. I am disgusted! Boycot this product and manufacturer. BOYCOT!

  54. When i saw the title is tought “what an asshole” cause i thought you were saying that that woman is ugly. Then i saw what you wrote☺
    I think this poster is terrible, that woman is beautiful, and even if she wasn’t beautful, they can’t put that, is awful.
    I’m glad i’m not the only one that thinks so.
    Sorry for my english!
    Miss Hyde.

  55. We’re not criticizing her. Our target is the idea that she is somehow not acceptable because of her size.

  56. Mens preferences DO change. Sickly skinny is a phase, a trend, and culturally constructed. This ad is bogus. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

  57. I was doing a Google search on ugly women and under the images tab, I see this beautiful woman here so I click to get a closer image.

    ^^^ That’s exactly how I got here. I was like “wtf? She’s fine”

  58. I dont think shes ugly or overweight. Society has a common misconception on what their “bodies” should look like. But as said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  59. She’s definitely not ugly, and only slightly overweight; normal, really. It’s actually a cool photo and it looks like she has a cute face. And with her pose and smile it looks like she has a positive attitude about life. Some jackasses might say she’s fat and ugly, but I’m sure they’d be lined up by the hundreds to go out with her if given the chance.

    Great they used a model like this, but terribly misguided ad – especially aimed at women. Guys are sick of anorexic teens with implants. Thank you.

    Same company put out two more ads. One with a woman in the famous Marilyn Monroe pose, and another with a woman looking like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. The women in those ads look heavier, but still look okay, and like they are having fun.

  60. Eehh.. This woman is not attractive to me. And I will not appologize for my prefrence. And methinks too many people are reading too deeply into this add. I have seen much worse. Have any of you seen the picture’s of a giant spider giving a woman oral sex? There were huge poster’s of it all over in Europe. I think there was another one involving a giant scorpian as well..

    But anyway, there are little nudges here and there for both men and women in adds like these. Which is funny becuase I believe they turn more people off to the product than appeal.

    Take the new ‘axe shower gel’ commercials that have been playing. They involve a bunch of male supermodles trying to pick up wemon with bad hairstyles. The final line of the comercial is, ‘if even these guys can’t get a girl, how could you?’

    Do I take offence? No. Why? Becuase a) I can recognize a bad advertising ploy when I see one and b) becuase I am comfertable and pleased with how I look and know there are others that are pleased too. I see the bad commercial pop up, I may roll my eyes, but it doesent effect me becuase I see how silly it really is. And I won’t be buying their shampoo any time soon.

    And sorry for any spelling error’s this is a rushed post, so I didn’t have the time to give it a once over.

  61. A woman can be curvy and STILL not be feminine. Likewise a woman can be skinny, but be very feminine.

    Why is it that men still think *they* are allowed to define femininity?

  62. Incredebly fat? I think not.
    Sure she’s on the chubby side of average but she’s not FAT, or ugly being fair.

  63. I just want to add yet another comment that the woman in that picture is gorgeous. It isn’t men who created this myth that women must be skinny to be attractive, it’s stupid people, both male and female. Look into magazines to see who it is making sarcastic comments about women who aren’t walking skeletons, it’s as often women as men. Same for morons who criticise women who dare to break society’s oh-so-important “standards” (my tone is heavy sarcasm here) by daring to actually have hair in their armpits.

    I’m not trying to define the word feminine, or say what people should or shouldn’t think. But my opinions of what is attractive (the woman in the photo) and unattractive (skinny “models”) is being grossly misrepresented by “the media”. And I know for a fact that it’s not me out of step, but “the media|”.

  64. I’m a little disturbed by some of the above comments.

    First, although I think that this woman does look wonderful, it seems unfair to then denigrate women who do not look like her. As someone who’s weight has greatly fluctuated throughout her life, I can say that it is both awful to feel like you’re “too big” and awful to feel like you’re “too small”–many small women struggle to feel like “real women,” precisely because of the sorts of ideas expressed above (e.g., “this is what women SHOULD look like”). If you think that you’re empowering women by celebrating a body type–and only that body type–which isn’t currently in vogue, then you are mistaken. While it is good if you think that this woman is beautiful, stating a preference for “larger” (than what?) women seems to reflect a mere visceral backlash to an enculturated obsession with thinness; and such a backlash is just as destructive as that original obsession. So please, don’t commit the same mistake (in the opposite direction) that most people in our culture commit every day.

    Moreover, I think it is fruitless to try to determine whether this woman is “normal,” or “overweight.” Those kinds of categorizations are, for the most part, useless.

    Second, I’m concerned by others’ concerns for this woman’s health. While she could be unhealthy, we have no way of knowing that. Weight, as far as I’m concerned, does not usually cause health problems (except in extreme cases in which excessive weight causes bone stress)–and those cases in which there is a correlation between weight and ill health are usually cases in which weight gain is a result, not a cause, of some sort of illness. If you’re interested in the relationship between weight and health, I recommend the following website, which has a whole series on “obesity paradoxes.”

  65. I think she is beautiful, and I’m sure many men do too. What a stupid ad. Just as we humans come in many shapes and sizes, thankfully individual tastes run the gamut as well.
    While I think morbid obesity is a huge health problem that needs to be addressed on a physical and psychological level, having a little extra meat on the bones as this lady and I do is perfectly healthy.

  66. are they kidding? Apparently they haven’t heard of Fat Admirers? Because they are a lot of men who PREFER a woman way bigger than that. (did i mention bless those men? ;) )

  67. i really dont understand this.. shes neither ugly nor fat and this ad is just plain insulting to all women who don’t have the “ideal” size zero body. Preference will never change? In coming up with some of these tag lines if these companies actually researched a bit they could see that being skinny is a trend- Marilyn Monroe was no where close to being considered size zero and yet she remains a great sex icon

  68. She is freakin’ gorgeous!

    Popular culture is crazy, and starving women is worse.

  69. i think that she looks lovely and its also nice to have some curvier women on T.V as i’m sick to DEATH of size zero’s.

  70. @ amelia

    Your weight is not magically “fluctuating” on it’s own. Obviously you are eating too much, not excercising enough during those period. Prove me wrong !

  71. Well, I would guess that my weight has been fluctuating over the past few years because, at age 22, I’m eating a balanced, healthy (vegan) diet–while running three times a week and practicing yoga–after having spent much of my teens being thin by not eating enough (and messing up my metabolism). Being humiliated by people who “love skinny women” is pretty hard when you’re 22, but it’s much harder when you’re 13, and can lead to pretty serious problems.

    I would also guess that my weight has fluctuated in part because of entering my twenties–after talking to other women and nutritionists, I’ve learned that that’s fairly common. I think it also tends to fluctuate with my menstrual cycles.

    So, I’m actually absolutely positive that I do not eat too much and exercise an appropriate amount. And yet, like many women, my weight fluctuates. Go figure.

  72. I don’t think it should be surprising that the heavy woman in the yogurt ad looks pretty good on the whole–I suspect that that’s intentional. You see this sort of thing in a lot of ads. For instance, young people in commercials for face wash always have skin which actually looks quite good, their “acne” typically confined to one or two pimples–nothing like the blotchy, pizza-faced misery that many of us experienced as teens. I think this is because advertisers know that attractive people sell products better in almost any situation: even if the people to whom your face wash is most appealing have truly awful skin, you don’t want the models in your commercials to actually have huge swaths of blotchy, pus-filled acne all over their faces, because that’s likely to distract viewers or turn them off. Likewise, presenting a truly ugly woman in the yogurt ad would probably be a bad idea, even she is meant on one level to be unattractive. So if you find that the woman in said ad is actually rather attractive, you may actually be thinking the way the advertisers intended, in a sense.


  73. Men’s preferences will never change? Men’s preferences change all the time, based on what they’re being fed by advertising, peer pressure, art, and culture as the standard of beauty. This ad has amnesia.

  74. That is what I call a woman. No point having a woman that looks and feels like an ironing board.

    So thumbs up to my lovely voluptous ladies! You are the best. Take it from an aerobics instructor!

  75. Hmm. Why am I not suprised? This seems pretty typical and i’d like to remind many this isn’t just a womens problem, although, the majority of the time this explotation involves women. I have seen many adverts with a very similar message regarding men.

    What i’m thinking about is why on earth do they have a yogurt advert like this anyway. She is a very pretty women, her weight isn’t much of the issue but the nudity…?

    I know this is a ‘parody’ of American Beauty but, although i’m not prudish about kids seeing flesh we have to consider the context. A woman rolling around in rose petals not only is very procative but is it damn necessary for a yogurt advert?
    We can look after ourselves but kids are more suceptiable these sorts of things. It also gives the poor image that women are meerely sex symbols.

    Anyway, she is a beautiful woman who shouldn’t have been exploited for her weight and although this advert has been made for certain reasons… I think the fact she is not repulsive but looking fantastic adds to how miserably it has worked. I don’t think any young girls are going to want to diet because of this…. I hope. Maybe their sales may have boosted because yogurt suddenly seems sexy.

  76. This may have been mentioned before…but I was just wondering, did it occur that the point “forget it, men’s preferences will never change” are reffered to “unrealistic” preferences to begin with? And that they’re presenting a “real” image?

    Although I think the person who posted the clearasil ad has it spot on.

    If you put up a picture of someone ugly, people will get distracted, and put off. If you put up a picture of someone almost perfect, and tell people they’re ugly then:

    a) People will find the ad alluring
    b) People will subconciously doubt/hate themselves “If THAT is ugly…what am I?”, which will in turn make them feel they need this product in order to not be so digusting (or at least need to consumer more)

    Profit! And if millions of people are made to feel that this is a definition of an ugly unattractive woman…who cares so long as there’s profit, right?

  77. Well, I’m half-arab. My mother was always harassed by her female relatives for being too skinny, and yes, she is, but in her (or should I say ‘our’) culture a curvy woman was always preferred. I do think this skinny-fetish is a western trend. I’m not skinny, but my more-arab-than-I (but extremely lovely) boyfriend always says that I could do with a tiny bit more. My best friend is Hong-Kong Chinese and he can’t stand skinny women. Maybe I associate with strange men, but I get the impression that it’s only my westernized (sp?) friend who like the skin-and-bones. It’s weird though, I dated a guy like that for a while, and I’ve always seen myself on the generous side of average. I am no stick. Although he ranted about how he thought modern women should be thinner, it is worth remembering that I shoved him out of the door, not me, and I am definitely no skeleton. I’m not fat, I’m average. I’m not massively well endowed, but neither was my mother. I wouldn’t consider myself stunning, but, hey, I’m sure perfection, blond, skinny, all that, could get boring.

    It’s late, but major kudos to all the men who replied, saying this woman is lovely, as to all the female, or not, inclined women. She is beautiful. She has a majorly lovely smile and I wish I could look that good sprawled ungainly covered in flowers. She looks… well, I don’t know. Cuddly, I guess, and never in a bad way. A bag of bones would be horrible.

    As to Hannah, I must object. I hate how women are subjected to such objectification in the west, but seriously? My mother was part of a liberal minority in her country, but… well, I have some incredibly amazing male and female muslim friends. Some of them I’d do anything for, and most of the women are happy wearing what they do, but at the same time, there are some women in are society who are victims. I have some aunts who had horrible family lives before marriage and whose families have now disowned them. Try that on for size. Although I agree that today’s western women are still victims of sexualisation, try some of the real cruelty to women on for size?

    I must agree with much of your argument, but please don’t be oversensitive. It is both dispowering and empowering that women can act like such. Being raised in the UK , I’ve always thought the former, but my lovely, intelligent mother, a liberal arab, has always thought ME prudish in some things. Bare in mine the complicated cultural implications in a country as multicultural as UK, or, even more so, America.

    To people such as Star Shine, Aaron, A man, Brandon, Darren and so forth, all the men and people and women and everything with positive comments, more power to you, from a not-fat not-thin woman fed up of both stereotypes. This woman is not obese and well… yeah, women need to know their partners don’t want a bag of bones.

    A liberal arab opinion, eh? Who’da thunk?

  78. Sanya, I have a few friends who are Muslim women, too–including my friend Fatima who was obviously (judging by the name anyway) born into a Muslim family, but identifies herself as an absurdist at heart, and loves Sartre’s work. I thought that was beautiful! I’ve been meaning to check out Marji Satrapi’s Persepolis with her, if she hasn’t already seen it.

    I usually find Muslim women’s perspectives on feminist issues to be fascinating and enlightening. I hope to hear more from you about some of the other posts on this site.

    I find the photoshopped to nearly plus size image of little Mena Suvari much less disturbing than the original in American Beauty, too. Interesting how the creators of these ads missed the point of BOTH Mena and Sharon Stone’s stellar performances in movies that underscored such CREEPY male fantasies. Don’t even get me started on the statistical absurdity of the sociopathic Catherine Tramell character. And taking an image of a 5′ tall, size 2(or would that be a children’s size 14?) 32Acup, barely pubescent 15-year-old girl, and photoshopping her to adult proportions to make her “uglier”?! Damn, those yogurt peddlers are nasty! Sounds like they’re offering us the same “incentives” as that ridiculous Bernard Chapin character.

    “When you’re too old (like 19) to win his love, and you’re too fat (like your head measurement is less than your hip measurement), eating crap will make you feel better about yourself. Don’t even try to enjoy the performances of a couple of really good actresses in really good movies. Be depressed enough to eat yourself into a coma because you don’t look like they do.”

    The message is laughable. Too bad they weren’t trying to be funny.

  79. I think she is absolutely beautiful and the person who made that add would not know true beauty if it bit them in the ass.Men’s taste will never change hogwash…what about in the renaissance era where most of the painters preferred rubenesque women.Men’s taste is to like women (or men but in this case we are talking about women)media has skewed the view of them..if every women went back to looking like renaissance era women you can guarantee not a single man would complain and if they do..screw em lol

  80. She is fine..she dont look chunky fat or ugly to me..any way i feel beuaty is skin deep..I am physically attracted to girls with alil fat on em! I am a chubby chaser!

  81. The many varied comments here show that the advertisers did their job and accomplished their objective. The clear line between the ad and ‘American Beauty’ is ignored by all but a two comments. The happy and lovely lady is NOT a parody, she is the new american beauty. Most women, myself included, are a size 12 or larger. However to a fit 12, 14, 16 whatever, eating yogurt helps. It gives you energy, builds strong bones and can be part of breakfast instead of breakfast. The job of ad people is to get you talking about a product and to see it in a new light. I think they failed here because most people see her size and think bad. Everyone responding is guilty of the same. You have to look at this ad as targeted to women, to get healthier and be happy. With all the specialized marketing towards plus-sized people these days ad execs are trying to forge new ground.
    When viewing an ad, remember the object is to sell something, not enrage a big, (no pun) portion of the market.

  82. This woman is perfect! In fact I find it it incredible that anyone would believe that all beings in the universe are perfect. I love my wife for who she is as a person inside not what she looks like. People are generally judge by the cover type, I know this personally because I have leg braces just like Forest Gump to get aroound, I always get dirty looks or rude comments when I park in a handicap space, becausse they are judging me based on my age (early-middle). We all must stop making predetermined opinions and judgements on people soley on their appearance. There is a beautiful spirit in all of us, we just need to take the time to hear and see it.

  83. Like many others i thought they were showing her beauty, not saying she was ugly. i say get to your healthy. if thats a size 12 so be it…if its a size 2 thats alo fine..every one is made different, whats a good size for me may not be right for you and vice versa.. And btw for the 100 men who fawn over skinny girls.theres another 100 men who would love to get this sexii woman into bed. everyone has a different “type”

  84. Those of you who look like this woman (or bigger) are doing yourselves- and feminism- a disservice to say that any woman who has less body fat must be a heroin addict, or bulemic, or starving, withered, ugly,……
    And you’re contradicting yourselves when you say women come in all sizes, then make denigrating remarks about women you see on TV or in public who don’t have excess body fat.

    Like height, hair color, the shape of one’s nose, etc….some physical traits are genetic. ANd a propensity toward a certain shape or size may be as well, but I grew up watching my now-290 lb sister and 280 lb cousin and their eating habits, and I know they eat like their mouths are vacuum cleaners. They surround themselves with other heavy people who eat just as much and move just as little, then say they don’t understand why they look the way they do, because everyone they know eats more.
    Forget about the aesthetic issues; I’ve been in too many surgeries where layers of body fat were held back with dozens and dozens of clamps, and extra humans are called in, in order to get to vital organs….I’m not going to be brainwashed into believing that excess fat is more healthy.

  85. Chris, this is not intended to be about people who are “morbidly obese.” I don’t think she is.

  86. yeah this isn’t at all what that means. it’s a commercial for starters about yogurt..
    maybe it means that even tho you might not always look like you’re skinny
    maybe you can still feel like it… by eating this yogurt?
    maybe i’m not reading into it correctly , but that’s what iget from it
    and im fat

  87. besides yogurt isnt just for fat people…
    and she’s actually very attractive..
    very curvacious and very pretty..
    this is representing what women should look like.
    way back when being curvacious meant wealth and good health

  88. Baby, it does not matter whether you are tall or short, thin or not so thin – the important thing is, what lies under the skin? For that is where the true essence of womanhood lies. To be with a woman, you have to use your ears, not your eyes. Also your mouth, to talk, but mostly your ears. Then – and only then – can you truly get to know her; to know her hopes, her dreams, her fears. And so forth. It does not matter what she looks like, it matters who she IS.

    Only when I have used my ears, and to a lesser extent my mouth, to finally understand who my woman is, then, and only then, would I even contemplate us getting jiggy with it.

  89. To try and belittle medium to large women is RUDE, and TASTLESS…! Women like this one in the ad are very attractive both outside and in. They feel like any woman , walk like any woman, and yes even LOVE like any woman. The size of a woman shouldn’t become a standard for anything. A woman is a Woman. No matter the size…

  90. really all these comments about big being beautiful are only enabling obesity. Yes everyone has a different healthy body weight but NO you shouldn’t avoid healthy food like yogurt and go to McD’s instead because “curvy” is beautiful. Regardless of what your body shape is you should eat healthy foods, like YOGURT fruits veggies, lean meat and should exercise regularly..unless of coarse your striving to be diagnosed with diabetes or have a heart attack..then go ahead and eat all the big macs you want


  92. As a lesbian, I’d try to get with her over a skinny chick any day of the week! She is gorgeous!

  93. This is so going to back fire. Even the fake Sharon Stone version of this looks hot…the Marilyn Monroe looks bad because there is something wrong with her face…but seriously who reads the words in an ad like that? People who think she’s pretty are going to think eating that yogurt might make them look good..and people who think she is ugly or OMG fat won’t go near the stuff. In the end it’s going to make women who have a roll or two look and feel more normal or maybe even attractive. The ad makes no sense at all from any marketing stand point. People who are making a big deal about this are fat phobic. This is laughable.

  94. The comments made about weight and its causes were ill-informed and harmful. We do not need more demeaning of women. It is also arguable that harmful speech ups our medical insurance costs, while it does nothing to help smokers or others.

  95. I saw in my messages RC had posted yet again…Xena…I think you are right…it is so sad that he can’t afford his own porn but has to raid the neighbor’s trash for their fashion catalogues.

  96. well.. she is attractive but she is not what women r supposed to look like. when u r heavier than ur man that is not feminine, when u can’t sit on ur man’s lap thats bad, when ur man cant carry you thats awful, as a woman i want a man to b bigger and i NEED him 2 be the ”strong” one. no i don’t find ”tough” women attractive thts y they die alone with 7 cats being feminine has nothing to do with being stupid and when i prefer to wear lace and silk that doesnt mean im dumb or stupid im just embracing my femininty . yes im 21 and i may not b experienced but i know that i would always wnt 2 b softer and thinner than my partner.

  97. You know it ffaa. And now this ‘Sara” person shows up making the kind of comments an old male troll would make about women in the 3rd person feminine pronoun. But ‘Sara’ is spewing these ‘shoulds’ in the first person.

    And when you run your cursor over ‘her’ gravatar, it says “candi a stupid 21 year old girl”.

    What a striking coincidence.

    Just sayin. I don’t mind if I get deleted for playing with the trolls again. It’s one of my bad habits, jj, jender. Thanks for helping me quit ;-)

  98. So if someone doesn’t have the same point of view as yourself, they get ridiculed, called names, or get flamed? Reality Check got 3 posts censored, and has to go through a modorator to have posts go through, which are not going through. I highly doubt this post will be up for long if at all. I challenge this blog modorator to have the guts to allow different viewpoints…that is unless this is only a club for people to bash thin and athletic women.

    Comments like this make me think the latter is true. “As a lesbian, I’d try to get with her over a skinny chick any day of the week! She is gorgeous!”

    Nothing like a little “skinny chick” hatred.

  99. You know Xena when I read Sara’s comment I thought that is my friend Reality Check I have to say I do like men who are larger then me..and I do like feeling feminine, so I had to think about my response very carefully, you can be a feminist and be a brick house or be a willowy nyphette and be a feminist along with everything inbetween everything inbetween. Feminists male or female, fat or thin, Madonna’s or Whores don’t beat up on other women. It’s so sad the there is this demographic of larger women who are constantly being put down and left walking around feeling unexceptable and unlovable. After all it is exactly the reason why were are so many different flavors of icecream, because there are so many different tastes.

    One thing I noticed in the social networking sites was that men who like fat woman are treated as poorly as if they were fat themselves. It seems that the stigma of being seen with a fat person has relegated us all to the fringes of fetish society because being attracted to someone who is FAT is wrong or sick. It is very disturbing.

    At least I know that if I need my spirits lifted I can find someone to flirt with and where…it’s actually quite refreshing. Walking around the world I’m just a frumpy midwest heffer…lol..but online I’m a fleshy goddess..who knew???

  100. I like big girls…Im ttracted to thinner girls though..why is that considered wrong? It was said on here that a lesbian would prefer to be with a bigger girl, not a skinny one. That was acceptable..why is my preference not acceptable?

  101. Ok, ffaa, to each hir own. If I read Sara’s comment without the contradictory candi stupid girl tag, I might have believed it. The part about athletic women dying alone grated on my nerves a little, but some conservative women do believe that.

    I like my men tall and buff. Kevin Smith, the guy who played Ares in the show I snatched my namesake from was just delicious. My preference for that type isn’t because I want to feel small, it’s just so I’m satisfied that the guy can take the kind of beating I might put on him if our kink gets out of control, or if I have a really bad spell of PMS.

    Not that I’m as tall, fit, or skilled as the actual Xena character or anything. I’m about 6″ shorter, and was close to her build at the peak of my weight-lifting phase, way back in high school. I’ve fluctuated between a sickly size 4 and an awkward size 20. I’m slightly asthmatic, so I have to choose between my food and my breath. I’m most comfortable between an 8 and a 12. I’ve had a very yummy winter, so I’m at the upper end of my comfort range right now, about the size Crystal Renn was in her famous Vogue shot. I think that was 2005? (It’s on this site somewhere, but I can’t remember the key words. Have a look around. You might like some of the older posts too.)

    But that’s just my comfort range. I know quite a few women who are comfortable, healthy and fit at a size 20-24. I envy them. I do love my food.

  102. RC I was shocked your messages were removed but to go on spouting that BS about fat people raising your insurance rates is totally nuts…well not really it probably does but that is because people have turned FAT into this medicalized Obesity Epidemic which has been successfully disputed if you know where to look. You are free to like who you like but somehow I don’t see how that is relevent to this string of messages. Yes okay you are the man in the ad that won’t like the plump girl so she’d better eat some diet yogurt and pray it makes her thin…maybe she isn’t interested in you? That’s a possiblity as shocking as that might seem. To put examples from Victoria’s Secret Models up as healthy is just wack, as a matter of fact I was once slender and lovely like a victoria secret model ( well maybe I didn’t have the boobage…) but I was as nutting as a loon…I wouldn’t eat for months and binge my head off, when I was under weight I thought I was massive… now when I look at those images I scratch my head not believing that I was once skinnier then our baby sitter at the time. Who was by the way a fabulous athletic, boating, waterskiing being. We all need to just except the fact the people come in all different sizes and colors and what you think about someone else’s body is your own business, we don’t want to hear it!! MY BODY is MY BODY…no goverment, doctor, fashion trend or comedian is going to change it. Vive La Difference!

  103. What is this long-running debate really about? No, “we” are not supposed to find the woman in the ad “ludicrous and repulsive.” To the contrary, “we” are supposed to find her quite pretty and curvaceous–but also outside the range of a certain, common, male aesthetic/sexual preference in terms of body type by weight. The woman in the ad is not near being “skinny” (which is not really the preference, anyway).

    This does not imply that by some general standard of attractiveness, fitness, or health, such women’s bodies “are not OK.” The ad is explicit about “men’s preference”–and targets women who are interested in more closely approximating the particular aesthetic/sexual preference operating in the cultural background.

    Feminists, lesbians, guys with alternative preferences, etc. who find this woman aesthetically/sexually appealing in terms of body type by weight are not relevant to the ad. The pitch is decidedly realist–and constitutes no normative attack on values or on women’s bodies that depart from a certain standard. Of course, any standard can be called into question.

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