“Naked Feminist”, Part 2

Stoat, in comments, has alerted me to my cultural ignorance!  “The Naked Feminist” is the title of a potentially very interesting documentary about women in the pornography industry:

 The Naked Feminist challenges the mythology surrounding women in the porn industry head on through a series of candid interviews with pornstars, academics and feminists. This 58 minute documentary film seeks to strip away the ideological straitjacket surrounding the decades old ‘porn v feminist’ debate by demonstrating that strong, inspirational women are found in all walks of life – including pornography.   

Women got nerve?

Claims here about women’s lack of nerve – on the tennis courts. The claim is that ‘women were more likely to make mistakes in the points that matter most’… And, the generalisation goes, in the business world. So, apparently:

‘Women’s under-representation at top levels in business are not a result of sexism, says Paserman. Their problem is that they lose their nerve when things get tough. Men, by contrast, keep cool.’

The article contains criticism – not least due to the problems with generalising from the tennis court to the boardroom.

But it would be interesting to see what explanations are given for the tennis court stats. It isn’t clear whether the researcher is hypothesising that women – due to femaleness – make more mistakes, or whether women, due to, say, some differences in gender socialisation, make more mistakes at key points on court. A case in which the loose way in which gender and sex terms are used makes it difficult to see what is being claimed!