3 thoughts on “Asinine Article and Great Take-Down

  1. I hate to sound like the strict nanny, but I don’t think it is such a hot idea to criticize a silly bit of science reporting when you have not read the science report and understood it at least a bit. The feministe writer doesn’t seem to have much idea about what validation mouse models have, that some memory formation invovlves creating new neurons and some doesn’t, or that finding ways to get the brain to create new neurons is a promising line of research to treat neurodegerative diseases that involve memory loss.

  2. Hi JP,

    I think I read her criticisms very differently. I didn’t think she was criticising the use of mouse models, but the leap from what was observed in mice to “hunky men make women smarter”. I didn’t think she was denying that there was promising research going on in the experiments. I took her to be criticising the reporting, not the science.

  3. Holly at Feministe says: “People really ought to check their culturally-driven assumptions when reporting on science.”

    Alpha mice do not equal hunky men. She is absolutely criticising the reporting.

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