First time sex: contraception use and attitudes

Interesting report here on recent statistics (from a Durex survey) about safe first-time sex.  The numbers are not great! And interestingly, it appears that those in older age groups are less likely to use contraception. It is suggested that this statistic indicates the success of safe sex messages targeted at teenagers.

Further interesting claims in the report:

‘Almost half of women also regret their first sexual experience, compared with 32% of men, according to the survey’.

This put me in mind of the distinction drawn by Rebecca Whisnant between consensual and wanted sex…(her claim concerning the harm that consented but unwanted sex can bring, in particular wrt prostitution). Regret an indication of not really wanting it, even if consented to?

Further interesting claim, although not quite clear:

‘The study indicated women were 25% more likely than men to take precautions but are more likely to feel pressured – with 28% saying they felt under pressure, compared with 15% of men.’

Pressured to: take precautions, not take precautions, have sex? Unclear. But feeling pressured in any of these ways surely problematic (clearly, some more than others. But even wrt the first, one would hope for motives other than feeling pressured into using contraception).

In anycase, my attempts to find material that would clarify the nature of the claim was futile. But I did come across this report here, the durex 2005 global sex survey. Very interesting indeed.