Another False Stereotype?

Men “no less chatty” than women, says study. The result was obtained by bugging (presumably with permission!) the mobile phones of university students over a few days. So one might wonder whether it generalizes to other groups, or to non-phone-based conversation. Still, “women talk on the phone more” is a pretty widespread view, and it’s nice to have some concrete data that speak to it. Thanks to L for passing this one on to me!

4 thoughts on “Another False Stereotype?

  1. The idea that women talk more than men is one of those stereotypes that I thought had been refuted thirty years ago. I thought studies done in the 70s had shown that, for example, when women are in “conversation” with men, women’s main role is to facilitate: To encourage more talk, agree, encourage, prompt, and so on. Try watching any male/female pair, and you will see that in most cases, the woman’s primary role is to listen, perhaps laugh at his jokes, be astonished at his prowess, admire his accomplishments, etc. (Or maybe I’m just jaded.)

  2. Yes, I remember reading about that too. Though *maybe* that research was just on women in conversation with men, rather than on women’s conversation more generally? More likely, though, the stereotype just refuses to die so the scientists keep disproving it over and over again!

  3. For more on the “not news” status of these results, see here: . Thanks to S.

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