Women-Friendly Philosophy Departments

SWIP UK has just announced the results of its first effort to recognise women-friendly philosophy departments. The headline news is the departments being recognised for their good work (alphabetical order):

Philosophy Sub-Group, Integrative Studies Department, Arizona State University West

Department of Philosophy, Hull University

Department of Philsophy, Michigan State University

Department of Philosophy, Sheffield University

Department of Philosophy, Sussex University.

For more information about the recognition, and for ideas on ways to make departments more women-friendly, visit the website.

Lesbian Gangs With Pink Pistols!

So goes the latest gay panic.  According to Fox News, the US is being over-run by lesbian gangs with pink glocks, who are indoctrinating and assaulting our children.  

   Needless to say, the evidence for this story is rather poor.  Amanda at Pandagon does a nice job, however, of showing its broader significance.  A story hyping and spreading fear of lesbian violence not only helps to shore up homophobia;  it also helps to make it look like there’s a level playing field out there– sure, there’s violence against women and gay people.  But look, gay women are violent too!  As she notes, it also helps to make the right-wing case that hate crime legislation for gay people is special, undeserved protection. (Why should gay people get “extra” protection against straight violence when the whole country is being terrorised by lesbian gangs– WITH PINK PISTOLS?!) How long, one wonders, before the lesbians start carrying tampon stun guns?