British Feminist Boom?

A bit of good news passed on to me by Buffy the Patriarchy Slayer, who hasn’t figured out how to blog yet.  Over the last 18 months, 6 British feminist magazines have launched. This seems to be part of a broader re-energizing of the movement, which was of course never as dead as everyone said it was.

For instance, Female Trouble, a Manchester-based group that formed last August, puts out a magazine – Desperate Living – as well as raising money for traditional feminist causes such as rape-crisis centres.  Other recent examples of feminist activism include the resurrection of the annual Reclaim the Night marches in Manchester, Edinburgh and London, the latter attended by 1,500 women in 2006; a march of solidarity in Ipswich following the recent string of murders; a campaign that saw Cardiff city centre strewn with postcards giving statistics on rape and the pay gap; and a protest against lads’ mags outside a Leicester branch of WHSmith this April.   

For more, see Jess McCabe’s Guardian article here.  I wonder if British students will be flocking to feminist philosophy classes to get in on the hot new trend!

2 thoughts on “British Feminist Boom?

  1. I’m a British student & have yet to find a course in feminist philosophy at undergrad level. What appears to have been the last surviving women’s studies BA shut down last year also.
    Perhaps British feminism is not so healthy after all at least not in universities.

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience. For what it’s worth, I think things are improving. I know of feminist philosophy courses at undergrad level in Cardiff, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Stirling. And at graduate level at Birkbeck Sheffield. I strongly suspect Lancaster has one too, and hopefully there are others! I know that non-modularised universities sometimes have a hard time adding feminist philosophy, as there aren’t enough people competent to mark it.

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