Body Basins… and more

Over at feministing, news of some strange and disturbing wash basins…

And this took me to their ‘disturbing product poll’. Some of which are very disturbing, such as the T-shirts proclaiming ‘I like my women like like my chicken: battered’, ‘I’m too pretty to do math’ and ‘it ain’t rape if she ain’t awake’. Disgusting.

But perhaps useful in teaching as examples of blatant sexism. And a useful example of the potential illocutionary disablement of ‘no’ here (scroll down).

I then ended up linking to this ‘sexy furniture’ company website (click on portfolio and scroll along). It doesn’t seem to me that there’s much sexy about women’s dismembered bodies. Creepy.

5 thoughts on “Body Basins… and more

  1. EWW. The sexy furniture is disturbing (especially the pics where the artist is working on them with tools). Brings A Clockwork Orange to mind. It was sort of amusing in A Clockwork Orange because (I feel)the film was a commentary on the callousness of society and so on. But who wants to eat from a table next to a sculpture of an ass?

  2. The sexy furniture site was depressing. The guy says he finds female bodies sexy, but, from the photos of his collection, it seems like he only finds breasts, legs (in high heels) and butts sexy. Depressing and dull.

  3. I like my women like I like my chicken too: alive, flourishing and not being used as a mere means to an end by those that have power over them.

  4. Actually, it’s interesting to think about when and why “dismemberment” is creepy. nobody’s bothered (as far as i know) by hand doorknockers.

  5. There is, I think, an interesting connection between the “sexy furniture” and Allen Jones’ late 1960’s art work – there’s some of Jones’ work in the Tate but you’ll find it if you google. Jones made models of women in bondage gear and formed them into chairs, tables and hat stands. It’s quite uncomfortable to view I think. I’m not sure if Jones is making a statement about the experiences of women as sexualised chattel, or simply about eroticism, but it makes me think you can make such strange objects and thereby say something interesting and challenging. Sadly, sexy-furniture-guy’s only reflection on what he’s creating seems to be “I like women and chairs, so what better than a woman chair?!”.

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