Please Sponsor My Surgery

Following Monkey’s post on websites for dating Rich Men , I thought this was kind of interesting. Should a women want breast implants (and why wouldn’t she?), all she needs to do is find a “benefactor” at Myfreeimplants, offer to send him photos, personal gifts(and something which is mysteriously refered to as “and more….”) and he’ll send her money towards helping correct what nature got wrong first time around. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (or BAAPS – honestly) doesn’t approve of this apparently. Erm… what more to say about this?

3 thoughts on “Please Sponsor My Surgery

  1. I’ve been wondering whether it would be more or less creepy if the website was devoted to getting sponsorship for university fees by sending nude photos, etc.

  2. I guess it would creep me out more. I think access to education is a more genuine need than breast enlargements, and seeing people having to hand over nude photos (and more…) to access that need would be appalling. Run the same thing for food or shelter – horrible. A “Mynextmeal” website would be creepier than a “Myfreeimplants” website.

    Anyway, I’d wager that there would be fewer kindly “benefactors” for a “Myfreedegree” website – women with ee cups is one thing, but women with minds, now hold on a minute!

  3. I’d wager the opposite: witness the girl who sold her virginity on eBay in exchange for university fees. The divorcee father who responded was interviewed before the act and he talked like a philanthropist who just happened to be getting benefits. I think men would think that the woman selling herself for her next meal/higher education was being done a favour far more than the woman who has breast implants paid for.

    Again: in the situation where this becomes more widespread, it will be attractive women who are very comfortable with their place in the patriarchy who will be most likely to get a share of the limited sponsorship.

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