Graphic photos and (lack of?) respect for fetuses

Really interesting post at The Curvature, suggesting that anti-abortion protesters who carry photos of aborted fetuses aren’t really behaving as we’d expect them to do if they genuinely respected fetuses as human beings. She points out that she wouldn’t protest the slaughter in Darfur by holding up graphic photos of victims. And I feel the pull of this point. But I’m not entirely certain about it: showing people horrors has historically been an important way of having an impact, and one that we don’t generally take to show a lack of respect– think of Vietnam war or Holocaust photos.  So I’m not sure what to make of this.  Perhaps a distinction could be drawn between kinds of images, or the ways they are used, but I feel this would be on shaky ground.  Nonetheless, I feel the pull of Cara’s argument– I worry, though, that this is really only revealing my own bias.  What do others think?  Has there been work done in aesthetics or ethics on this issue?