IQ, EQ, and the Trouble with Clever Girls

Check out this remarkable article from the Daily Mail by Anna Pasternak.

The premise of the article is not that women cannot balance both job and family. Nope, Pasternak doesn’t stop at that old chestnut. Going above and beyond the call of ordinary sexism, Pasternak claims that intelligent women are intrinsically flawed:

…the intrinsic emotional make-up of women with an over-developed intellect is flawed, and as a result their ability to choose compatible partners or sustain lasting relationships is impeded…

Pasternak cites the following supporting research:

Last year, American writer Michael Noer created outrage when he wrote a piece in Forbes Magazine warning men off marrying career girls. He claimed that recent studies had found that clever, professional women were more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat and less likely to have children.

Simultaneously, the American Journal Of Marriage And Family cited studies that claim the divorce risk rises when women out-earn their husbands. Evidence, everywhere, seems to point to the fact that thousands of bright women can’t sustain meaningful relationships for a plethora of reasons: they are too controlling, they can’t tolerate less successful men and equally, men resent higher-earning partners.

One of Pasternak’s sources, Sarah Harris, rounds off the avalanche of evidence damning intelligent women as follows:

Let’s face it, none of us clever girls are very happy, are we?

Beware, girls. Academics and leadership may seem tempting, but in the end they will only leave you lonely and undesirable. Instead, “learn to have emotional strength which is about yielding, surrender, openness and a willingness to be vulnerable”. That will help you cover up your intrinsic flaws. Your husbands will never know.

N.B. Jender informs me that Kant also had things to say about a woman destroying ‘merits proper to her sex’ with too much studying. Be warned, ladies.

Women Want Beer in “Stylish” Glasses?

Well, we knew gendered norms of appearance could do a lot of harm– but who know it was as bad as this? Apparently an absence of stylish glasses is keeping women from drinking good beer! According to the survey cited, 37% of women say they would drink real ale if it was served in more stylish glasses.  (I’m not sure whether the figure includes those like me who would drink it from just about anything.)  More seriously, if the survey is reliable (and I’m a little dubious, I must say), it’s a nice illustration of how many things are affected by gender, often without our being conscious of it.

Coffee Good For Older Women

Apparently coffee helps women (but not men) aged 65 and over to ward off dementia. And we might as well start early, to build up that 4+ cups a day habit. Another example of why it’s so good to study both women and men. (And of why Grandma needs an espresso machine.) Many thanks to the highly caffeinated Jender-Parents for this one.