Taking Victim-Blaming to New Heights

Feministing reports on this case of a woman in the US Air Force apparently being charged in her own rape. Really. Cara writes:

So. The woman was raped. By three men. She reported her rape. She was harassed by her superiors, to the point where she became too afraid to testify. The Air Force took this as meaning that the sex was therefore consensual (which isn’t what it means at all), and charged her [with “indecent acts”] in the case of her own rape. If she loses her case, she could be publicly registered as a sex offender.Sounds like it couldn’t get any worse, right? But it does. How? The three alleged attackers were offered sexual assault immunity to testify against Hernandez on the indecent acts charge. Having at least half a brain cell among them, they accepted.

Now, of course we don’t know what really happened in this case, and the court-martial has yet to take place. But I have a hard time imagining a scenario such that justice is being done.

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