“Alpha males win again”

Science reporting can be inept, as Jender reminded us last month.  So we should be glad that finally Nature Neuroscience is publishing the article on neurogenesis caused in female mice by exposure to the pheromones of dominant male mice, “Male pheromone–stimulated neurogenesis in the adult female brain: possible role in mating behavior” (Nature Neuroscience10, 1003 – 1011 (2007)).  (In fact, the article was available online last month; but the print version is just being announced.)  And since the discussion is technical, perhaps we should be glad for the less formal discussion provided.  That’s the one with the title about alpha males winning again (Nature Neuroscience10, 938 – 940 (2007)).

Should we ask what the dominant male mice are winning?  They are getting higher scores?  In what?  The number of females they have sex with, I guess.  Or maybe it’s the number of encounters? 

In any case, thanks to Nature for sharing your values with us!  Glad you all are tracking the scoring in the animal kingdom.