8 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

  1. Does this make it better or worse: the all too believable quotes on the web page are said at one point to be all made up?

    I wonder if we’ll see some republican’s name on a whoppee cushion…we’re near the bottom already and there’s over a year to go!!

  2. Is this made by the Republicans or Democrats? I genuinely can’t decide which party made it.

    Democrats – could be a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ remark that is self-joking jibe at their candidate?

    Republican – an obvious insult with intended comical effect

  3. I also wondered at first who was behind it, but when I saw the Al Gore quote I decided it couldn’t be an “ironic” Democrat: “I am not running and I am not a nut.
    Seriously, I am not a nut.” — Al Gore. Somehow it seems perfectly plausible that there’d be Democrats making ball-buster jokes about Clinton, but I guess I don’t think there’d be any Democrats who’d make a joke like that about Gore. Unlike JJ, I didn’t think the quotes seemed very plausible, other than the Giuliani one.

  4. Wow. I am not sure what to say. It seems to me that it is neither party’s product, but rather the private profiteers who don’t care about it either way. Like the many people who sell 9/11 t-shirts and breast cancer magnet ribbons without benefit going to any sort of charity.

  5. Hey, I’m the guy behind the Hillary Nutcracker. I’ve got no agenda and I am not a member of either party. I thought it was funny. For it to be this successful, there has to be some truth behind the joke. There’s a reason she’s known as being “polarizing”. The product raised what my partner and I believed was the $64,000 question for Senator Clinton–“Can a woman appear tough enough to be Commander-in-Chief and remain likeable enough to get elected?” The need to appear tough may have influenced her vote to fund the war, which may have been the beginning of the end. Anyhow, we are not opposed to Senator Clinton and can tell you that our best guesstimate is that sales were almost evenly divided between those who see her as the b-word, and those who like her because she scares right wing nuts.

  6. GC, thanks for coming by. I see what you are saying, and I am taking your perspective really seriously. However, it’s hard not to see your image as embodying some hostility, if not yours then something in the culture. I mean, why does women’s power need to be seen as so opposed to men, as the “cracking nuts” suggests.

    But then, life’s a bitch. And then you die. Wait! I think I just quoted you!

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