Slash and Burn, BUT with provocation.

Sadly, analysis not needed.  This is just another good example of…

Actually, what is this an example of?  The way in which a patriarchal system understands its own?  Is it just a matter of such cliches?

In among reports about stretch marks on iconic bodies, The Daily Mail reports:

“Executive who branded wife with iron freed with a £2,000 fine

A management consultant branded his wife with a hot steam iron because she had failed to press his shirt.

Cambridge graduate Colin Read, 25, also slashed her with a knife because she had forgotten to make his sandwiches.

The judge’s reason for a light sentence?  It’s a bit complicated, but presumably this is the bottom line:

But the judge said it was the circumstances of the marriage that had provoked Read and that now those circumstances had gone, sending him to prison would “help no one”.

His wife, of course, “had been so frightened of him that she had to be compelled to give evidence in a three-day trial which ended in her husband being convicted of three counts of causing actual bodily harm. “