3 thoughts on “Why are philosophers annoying?

  1. There was no original posting– I think we were found simply because we’d used the words ‘why’, ‘philosophers’, and ‘annoying’. But thanks for the fun link!

  2. Great link, ACC. It mentions one of the reasons I’d offer, and maybe covers the other. Here they are:

    1. Philosophers are much more interested in questions than answers, at least as a group. This drives students and others crazy.

    2. Nonetheless, philosophers think that a priori reasoning gives them all sorts of answers on topics that others use empirical methods to answer. They are sort of connected, since we don’t- I suspect – often care whether the answers are right. It’s the theory construction that is the fun.

    Of course, when philosophy does connect with real life, some philosophers are much more responsible. what is one of the wonderful features of much feminist philosophy.

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