Carnival of Feminists: Call for Submissions

We’ll be hosting a Carnival of Feminists on 19 September! For those who are new to this (as we are, frankly), this will be an occasion when we offer you (as readers) a great big collection of excellent feminist blogging from around the web. Obviously this is also a chance for you (as bloggers) to get your writing discussed and linked to in this great big collection. For more information or to send a submission, go here. By the way, although we’re philosophers and therefore like philosophy (at least on our good days), the carnival will include all kinds of feminist writing, so get sending! The deadline is 17 September.

2 thoughts on “Carnival of Feminists: Call for Submissions

  1. It is not a blog but after 20 years of research I am starting to put material about Women Philosophers online.

    The aim is to be global (Not just Euro-American) and I have already received additional names from a student at Hebrew University and a professor from India.


    Yes, I am looking contributors: writers, translators etc. And especially for links to the site and dissemination to discussion lists.

    Also, the site has an HONORED WOMEN section – just because I think that many of us have women who we think deserve public honor – and there is no real vehicle for this on the web.

    Oh, and I shall be adding a free newsletter soon.

    Thank you

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