Feminist bloggers from Asia and Africa

With the Carnival of Feminists coming up, I thought it would be wonderful to have some mention of feminists writing in very different geographical areas.  I’m now muttering to myself about colonialist assumptions of the accessibility of different cultures. 

In fact, I’ve found a wealth of reports of feminist actions in Africa, and some stunning material from Asia, but my hopes of finding the sort of list that could easily appear down in the blogroll of Western feminist blogs are considerably less bright.  There are lists alright, but of a different sort, despite the name “blogroll.”  Very often they contain something more like the names of internet newspapers with a puzzling mixture of Western bloggers.  Perhaps blogging is more suited to those with spare time? 

There are other difficulties that have arisen, some interesting enough to deserve a separate post.  One of them is that one finds amazing and distracting stories of women doing quite remarkable things, such as that of a former CNN employee who is now teaching in Hong Kong and has provided internet forums for a global mixture of voices.  More of that later on.

If you know of feminist bloggers in African or Asia, I would be very grateful if you’d share their names with us.

10 thoughts on “Feminist bloggers from Asia and Africa

  1. i think you might have already found the nari jibon blog (bangladesh) published in english and bangla…this is from the narijibon training programme http://www.narijibon.com and you can link to the blogs from that website or http://narijibon.blogspot.com/ or http://banglablog-narijibon.blogspot.com/

    nari jibon got a blogging grant from global/rising voices to expand its activities. so check them out!

    i had to establish my own blog to get a word in: pagolnari.blogspot.com

    good luck with identifying blogs. you might also check out global voices…they have some excellent female bloggers (some feminist) etc.

    kathy ward
    pagol nari (crazy woman nickname in bangla)

  2. Kathy,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I did discover the amazing global voices and eventually the training program. It is a remarkable program, and may also be the subject of a separate post.

    I am sure I saw your name in my web travels, but I’ll need to look at my notes to see where. Let me, though, quickly say that I was glad to learn of your blog and see your beautiful kitties. My siamese girls (litter mates) are 16 and not in the best of health; your pictures reminded me of such great days.

  3. Opps! Now I see why your name popped out! You started the narijibon project. It was overwhelming to discover the blog, and I am so glad you contacted us.

  4. jj:

    glad that you connected all the blog dots…my previous siamese cats were advanced in age, too. these balinese are a handful! let me know if you want any more info about Nari Jibon, training program. i will have some publications and pieces about my various activities and research in Bangladesh. Global/Rising voices did a podcast about Bangladesh and some of the other programs in Kolkata, Medellin, Bolivia, Sierra Leone and so forth.



  5. Hi

    I am actually seeking an Asian feminist for a comment on this


    I am a journalist based in Cambodia, where this pageant is headed next. I know Sokari and Black Looks were very outspoken about it when it was held in Angola.

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