Interesting State Supreme Court Ruling

The news story is here, but in summary, Rosa Acuna asked for, and was given an abortion in 1996. She later tried to sue her obstetrician for not informing her that the seven week fetus she was carying was “a complete, separate, unique and irreplaceable human being”, or that since it was an existing human being abortion would be murder. This has passed through courts since then, and the New Jersey State Supreme Court has just made the following ruling:-

“We do not find that the common law commands a physician to inform a pregnant patient that an embryo is an existing, living human being and that an abortion results in the killing of a family member”.

It’s beyond me why anyone would think to bring such a case, but at least there is some sense in the decision.

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Just a reminder that the next Carnival of Feminists will be here, and the deadline will be Monday the 17th of September.  We’d love to have submissions from you, either of your own recent blogging or of recent bloggy stuff you’ve found that you like!  As JJ notes below, we’re hoping to find some good stuff from parts of the world other than the usual ones for English-language blogs.  I’ll add to her request by saying we’d also love to know about feminist blogs from Central and South America.   To learn more about the Carnival, go here.  To send your own stuff, or anything else, either go to the Carnival site or email us via the Contact category.