Domestic Violence Sentencing: What To Do

Remember those posts (linked below)on the pathetically lenient domestic violence sentencing in the UK? I’ve been trying various avenues to figure out who to complain to, and I’ve finally met with some success. The Sentencing Guidelines Secretariat has responded to my letter, and they say that they are undertaking a review of domestic violence sentencing in light of all the negative publicity. I’m sure a little more pressure on them would be a good thing, so I urge you to email them, as I did. the For ease of writing, Colin Read is the man fined £2000 for burning his wife with an iron and slashing her with a knife; and Stuart Brown is the one fined £500 for puncing his wife at least 24 times. Even if you’re not in the UK, please do write– the government needs to be made aware that this is an international embarrassment.

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