Breastfeeding Lawsuit Update

In the Carnival posted yesterday, I mentioned that a woman was suing to be allowed adequate time to pump breast milk during her medical boards. She lost her suit yesterday, with the judge claiming that she could simply postpone the test until after she was done breastfeeding, and noting that she had been offered such helpful accommodations as the chance to pump in a separate room *while* taking the test. The AP article notes that “federal anti-discrimination laws do not protect nursing mothers. The Breastfeeding Promotion Act that is pending in Congress would protect women from being fired or punished for pumping milk or nursing.” It’s not clear to me whether this act would get the woman the breaks she needs. Lovely, isn’t it, that the same medical establishment that has compared not breastfeeding to riding a mechanical bull while pregnant is completely unwilling to make it possible for women to keep up their breastfeeding? And aren’t you proud to have a judiciary that is so respectful of mothers’ needs? (Thanks, Jender-Parents!)

9 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Lawsuit Update

  1. Oh, she can just take the exam later! How simple! Rather than taking an additional 60 whole minutes NOW, she could just waste a few more little MONTHS and take the exam later, right? What’s the porblem? Huh?


    These people make me sick.

  2. Here–where? I can’t find a link… But maybe I don’t need to get angrier (doing her yoga breathing exercises now…)

  3. No way! Supposed feminists are really defending this woman? Please explain to me how showing that working mothers are a hassel in school and the workplace is helpful to feminist agendas. I am really interested to know! I think this whiny woman is the worst thing that could happen to the feminist movement.

  4. I have a similar problem and can’t seem to find help: I am a breastfeeding mother who is also a high school teacher. The school has a nursery where I bring my son. I do not get a planning period until 1pm, so I have to go without breastfeeding for 5 or 6 hours. I have repeatedly asked for my planning period to be rescheduled for earlier, but have gotten no reply. I’ve even become sick with mastitis and turned in my doctor’s note, but still nothing…

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