A Wonderful Shop

Pink Boy 

Having recently criticised gender-stereotyped children’s marketing (kind of like shooting fish in a barrel), it seems a good time to call your attention to the fabulous Twisted Twee and its Equal Opportunity Baby Grows.  They also have other very funny items.  Can’t say, however, that I personally will be rushing to order Margaret Thatcher underwear for my son.

2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Shop

  1. when i saw the clothing at first, i was like…hmm of course boy (blue) and girl (pink). Then i looked closer and was surprised. here is what i have to say about that…one, people are just going to look at the colors and the dichotomy is made, no matter what the word says (becuase for so long the association with those colors have meaning). Two, why does there have to be such a differenet between the two…why not have gender nuetral…yah i get the point, the girl has the truck though. I am a feminist but i feel like trading oppressions are not necessarily a healthy decision.

  2. I totally agree that insisting girls must play with trucks and boys must play with “girlie” things would be insanely bad. But I don’t take that to be the point of the shirts. For me, anyway, the point is simply to make people think twice about what we normally take for granted. Going totally gender neutral– say, with yellow ducks– doesn’t have that effect.

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