If Only I’d Known

Now that the Carnival’s over, I’m of course finding things I wish I could have put in it!

Top on that list is a really impressive brand new blog that I’d like to have told you about, Girl Sailor. It’s written by a female ensign on active duty in the US Navy.  Only 2 posts so far, but both excellent.  There’s one here about ‘coming out’ as a feminist in the navy, after an evangelical upbringing; and another here about why, despite his important role in giving Democrats the Senate, feminists should really not be so keen on Jim Webb (former Navy Secretary).

Next on the list is one that actually couldn’t have been in the Carnival, since it’s a response to the Carnival! Rachel McKinney has written an excellent post on ‘gray rape’, that raises lots of interesting epistemological and language-related issues.

Now I shall attempt to get myself out of that Carnival frame of mind and resume more normal service.

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