Bad News: ‘Rape’ Ban Lawsuit Tossed

Tori Bowen’s lawsuit against the judge who banned her from using words like ‘sexual assault’ and ‘rape’ has been rejected as frivolous. As Cara says, “it seems pretty damn absurd that someone might argue that it’s frivolous to fight for a woman’s right to give honest testimony in a criminal trial”.

3 thoughts on “Bad News: ‘Rape’ Ban Lawsuit Tossed

  1. It’ been a long time, but I thought about this post when reading Sherry Colb’s commentary about this very topic and thought it might be of use to someone over here:

    I think she raises interesting points — analytical, granted — that go beyond the common sense reaction that is lacking in the above decision. And for those who would dismiss her as just another New York law professor, she used to teach in New Jersey (!). And, yes, she is biased, as evidenced by her body of commentaries, articles and book.

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