Women and Medicine: Another data point

Feminists have raise many concerns about the treatment of women in medical systems that are in too many ways more responsive  to male medical problems than to those of women.

 The  NY Times records another kind of case

. Concussion rates for young women in school sports are high.

According to the study to be published in the Journal of Athletic Training, football has the highest rate of concussions in high school sports, with 47 such injuries per 100,000 player games or practices. Girls soccer was second highest with 36 per 100,000, followed by boys soccer (22) and girls basketball (21).

Despite the near parity in injuries, the surrounding beliefs that influence medical care seem to be quite different:

“Generally speaking, the medical profession does not do a very good job in recognizing that female athletes sustain concussions at an equal or even higher rate as males,” said Dr. Robert Cantu of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, one of the nation’s leading experts in concussion management. “It’s flying under the radar. And as a result, looking for concussions in women is not pursued with the same diligence, and it’s setting girls up for a worse result.”

Serial concussions can have devastating effects, the article makes clear.