Imagine: BABYZ!

Imagine Babyz

Gaming for girlz! Doesn’t it look fun? Excellent critique here, and here, including the suggestion of an alternative game, “Imagine: The Glass Ceiling”! On a totally trivial note, I think I shall alter my lecturez to impress the kidz with my up-to-date spellingz. Maybe they’ll like my numbered sentencez and careful distinctionz better that way. (Thanks, Mr Jender.)

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  1. Actually, when I first saw that image, I first thought this had to be games for babies and wondered how that would work.

    OK, so it isn’t. This is particularly disappointing from UbiSoft because they should know quite well what girls like: their Myst series of puzzle/adventure games has long been popular with girls and women because it’s beautiful and challenging.

  2. Why is it okay for feminists (e.g., Adrienne Rich) to assert, proudly, that women have a uniquely intimate bond with their children not enjoyed by men, but it’s not okay to make video games like this.

    “Biologically men have only one innate orientation–a sexual one that draws them to women–while women have two innate orientations, sexual toward men and reproductive toward their young.” (Compulsory Heterosexuality and Lesbian Existence, 1980)

  3. Lots of feminists disagree with and have criticized Adrienne Rich’s view and others like it. You might want to take a look, for example, at Jeffner Allen’s “The Evacuation of Motherhood.” Feminism does not endorse a party line.

  4. Also, isn’t the truth or falsity of Rich’s claim somewhat irrelevant to whether products like this are a good thing? Even if it were the case that women enjoyed a unique bond with their children that men could not share, it would hardly follow that they had some sort of obligation to have and raise children and if they didn’t have that goal they’d be failing as women. And isn’t (at least part of) the complaint against products like this that it encourages that idea?

  5. Calypso999- I’m sure you’re right, yet your point seems somehow idle to me. I’m sure many men are opposed to the thinking behind the BABYZ game, but it surely does not defuse the critique of this entry to say simply, “Many men disagree with and have criticized Ubisoft.” Yea, of course feminists are diverse in their views; so is almost any group. It’s not crucial to what I’m saying that all feminists everywhere toe “the party line,” anymore than it’s crucial to feminist theory that every man be a misogynist.

    Ross- What I’m suggesting is that there is a double standard in our reception of the two. When video games of the sort in question suggest that women must naturally be interested in having children, it’s seen as stifling. But when Rich explicitly posits a similarly innate link, it’s seen as celebratory of womanhood, an affirmation.

  6. But the issue, as I understand it, isn’t that a product like this suggests that women must be naturally interested in having children but that they ought to be. One can object to such a moral claim and it doesn’t seem to have any consequences on the factual claim that Rich makes.

  7. Where does it say that this is a game for girls? I haven’t seen it anywhere on the ads, is there something I’m missing?

    Because as far as I can tell, they put out a “pet raising” game with a baby instead of a cat or a dog and that’s it – to be played by either girls or boys. Why is it that you are all jumping to the conclusion that this is a “game for girls”?

  8. the simple fact is that, regardless of how many feminists abhorr this type of marketing and this game in general, lots and lots of girls will love this. simple as that. my fiancee is VERY excited for this sim, and every girl ive ever talked to about it had a wholly positive reaction. i mean lets face it the facts of basic biological evolution are that women have a built in nurturing capabality for their young, and ubi is in the business of making money. what easier way to make money then to make a game that caters to a basic biological function? i mean really, who cares? why is this such a big deal? unless you WANT to be offended by it, its not offensive.

  9. i thought playing this game was supposed to be a mom with kids! not a babysitter! but it still is so cool!

  10. The most rewarding thing a woman can do is be a good wife and mother. Too many women try to deny their maternal instincts. This game is a wonderful idea because it will help the next generation get back to the natural order of the feminine life. Ladies, there is a reason that we have the child, there is a reason that our hips are perfect for holding them, there is a reason children cry out for “mommy” when they fall. Women OUGHT to be interested in having children. Why are we limited to puzzle games? RPG, FPS, RTS, we have these options, and now they are joined by a game expressing the beauty of the natural maternal instinct. If you don’t want it, don’t play it, but I think it is a wonderful idea to help our girls grow up right.

  11. Lauren: I genuinely hope that your post was ironic. In the case that it wasn’t, may I suggest that you take a critical thinking-101.

  12. BTPS: No, it was not ironic. I am a well-educated woman, and I know enough to form my own opinions instead of blindly following what is politically correct in fear of offending others. Nowhere did I say that women should not have equal rights. I did not say we should be slaves to men. I said that we should NOT deny our maternal instinct. Obviously, you are either not a woman or you don’t have children. If you do, I am so sorry for them. Critical thinking is crucial, I use it daily to solve the little problems life throws at everyone, and my philosophy on the role of women in family life is backed up by science and statistics from vast amounts of research. So many problems in our society would be fixed if men and women listened to their instincts and returned to a more conventional family system.

  13. Lauren,
    “Conventional” family system? I think your idea of a “family system” is probably that of one seldom well exemplified in human history. Do remember, for example, that the idea of a childhood protected from intense labor is very recent and still not realized in too many parts of the world.

    Further, many cases of the “conventional” family system actually rested on the exploitation of the poor, particularly women, who were certainly not having conventional family lives.

  14. JJ,
    I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. I’m not even touching on the subject of child labor. This is purely an argument about the role of a woman in her family. A woman who spends her day focusing on the well-being of her family is not being exploited. Why is it that feminists think an argument for women staying at home means “don’t leave the house and obey your husband”? I have plenty of explanations for my views, but your response was so poorly articulated (or perhaps just not well thought out) that I really don’t know what you have a question about.

  15. Lauren,

    I’m sorry my comment was not clear enough for you. I was saying that there is a problem with your view that there is a conventional marriage that men and women, following their instincts, could return to. The problem is that there hasn’t been any such institution for most of the history of the human race, and even now it is realized only among a relatively few privileged people. I should add that historically marriage has hardly been the product of instinct; instead, it was a more of a financial contract.

    That child labor was – and in some places still is – a common practice puts in question the idea of a convention according to which women stayed at home to see to the well-being of such children.

    This is simply a matter of factual history.

  16. JJ,
    By conventional, I do not mean returning to the middle ages. Now that women have equal rights and freedoms, there is no need to be pressured to get out of the family life. Since this is my last post here, I’ll drop the nice act and say what needs to be said. Feminists have no cause anymore. We have the rights, now drop it. A woman’s success is not measured by her salary, how many power suits she has, or how she has “come out on top in this MAN’s world”, so shut the fuck up and take care of your family.

  17. roselyn, your second and third posts really were redundant, so they were removed.

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