The Daily Mail and Me

(Title inspried by Michael Moore.)

When I was finishing up the Mom Job (below), I went to the Daily Mail to look for a similar discussion.  I discovered the following sickening article:

Anne Robinson and the bingo wings that won’t fly away

The smooth lines on her face are a tribute to the cosmetic surgeon’s art.

But certain parts of Anne Robinson are still in need of a little sculpting, as this black vest top reveals.

The 63-year-old presenter of The Weakest Link displayed a pair of decidedly crinkly arms as she went flat-hunting in West London.

(My stress)

So I decided to write a comment, which went (roughly):

Women are said to be much too much worried about how their bodies look.  Can’t think why.  Do you suppose articles like this one are part of the problem?

You can imagine my surprise and distress when it wasn’t published. When I wrote it, there were no comments. When I checked later, there were 22. None of them mine!

Still, I thought perhaps I punched the wrong thing or some such, so I tried several hours ago with a very similar message. Same result! What am I doing wrong!?!

7 thoughts on “The Daily Mail and Me

  1. I have just sent this in: “Women are far too worried about how their bodies look. Perhaps articles like this one are part of the problem.” Slight variation on the one you submitted. it will be interesting to see what transpires!

  2. Hi

    I read your article with interest. I post quite a bit on the comments sections and blogs of various nationals as I’m quite into politics and debate on various issues.

    One such paper is the Mail, where almost every single comment I post is never put up. They blatantly screen everything and only put up comments that boradly, more or less, reflect the nasty, right wing editorial line.

    Sometimes its not even political, but the comments they publish are lavishly in support of the author. It’s a joke. I’ve stopped bothering, it’s so rigged. Though I still have a pop at Peter Hitchens’s blog which you can find via a link on the Hate Mail site.

    I’ve written a fair bit about the Mail on my site (Mr Boatang and I write articles quite regularly and we keep an eye on the UK media).

    Have a look if you’re interested and join us in debate on our place if you like.

    My regards


  3. John, Thanks so much for your remarks and the link. I think one had better not invest any ego in being accepted by the DM.
    I’m looking forward to going through your comments on AN Wilson.

    Kaete, We may be doomed with the Daily Mail. Perhaps, though, we should try one or two other articles before we give up. SHOULD YOU SUCCEED, you will let us know!!

  4. Hi JJ, don’t mention it and good luck with your site.

    I think the best approach with the dreaded DM is not to get too wound up about it. If I allowed myself (and to be fair, I often do) then I’d spend too much time fuming over a warped section of the media and society I can’t really do much about…apart from when I blog of course!

    I look forward to reading more of your material here.

    my regards


  5. I’ve had the same problems as you and John with other articles. Still a right-wing rag, I have concluded.

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