Feminist Philosophy Draft Exchange

There’s an amazing new resource starting up for feminist philosophers, the Feminist Philosophy Draft Exchange. Here’s what is planned:

Ideally, this will give people a chance to participate in discussion forums about submission, revision, or other aspects of the research and publication process, to post work of their own for advice and feedback, and to offer helpful tips and suggestions to others. “Google Document” technology means that – if you like – you can post works in progress directly to the group, and others can offer comments directly online, rather than having endless numbers of drafts circling through cyberspace. If you would prefer a more private option, you can also request volunteers to read your work through the Google Group, then email your files directly for comments and feedback.Everyone – junior, senior, or grad student – is welcome to join. You do not need a gmail address: either sign up to a google account with your existing email address and request membership in the group, or send just an email to the administrator, requesting to join (feministdraftexchange AT googlegroups.com).

This looks like a great thing. I’m off to sign up now!  Many thanks to Alice MacLachlan for setting this up, and to Sally Haslanger for letting me know about it!

5 thoughts on “Feminist Philosophy Draft Exchange

  1. Mary,

    I’d agree with that article, with a different stress: I the only reason why you’re talking to that guy is because he’s hot, forget about it, or face your own motives. But if he’s ugly or unavailable, why not? He might have some inside perspective about other men that your girl friends won’t have. Being both, I’ve been there a lot, and it worked more often that not.

    Then again, what do I know? Maybe that article is right and women are only interested in potential sexual partners, and I’m just a deluded fool for thinking otherwise.

  2. This group looks great. Does anyone know of a good forum to discuss issues withing feminist philosophy, not just prep papers for publication?

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