Woman as Video Game

Apparently there is now a woman doll which will moan with pleasure only if the human being interacting with it manages to do the right things– which change randomly every time. The idea of using a doll for sex with doll orgasms as one’s goal is a fascinating development of the using things as people theme. It’s not actually clear whether anyone would really do this– the piece is apparently the work of an artist, although it’s being presented at Arse Electronica, a porn and technology event. There’s obviously there’s something nice about emphasising the importance of thinking about one’s partner’s pleasure, and so a part of me thinks a sex toy like this is a nice (though somehow creepy) idea. However, its (male) maker seems to think that it does a good job of replicating female sexuality. One idea he emphasises is that female sexuality is complex and changeable, and that seems true enough. But I’m not so thrilled with the idea that women are just random in their responses, or with this:

He designed Moaning Lisa specifically for Arse Elektronika, with help from conference organizer Kyle Machulis, to demonstrate the videogame-like properties of the human body.  

Somehow human being as videogame doesn’t seem like much of an advance in our thought. Especially since he insists that males are not like videogames:

“Male sex sensors are biased, and not as spread out” over the body, Ganucheau said. “Sure, there are deviances in distribution, but overall it’s not as dynamic as a female. I find that if you go straight for male genitalia, the norm is that you’re guaranteed to get someone off.”This situation, he asserted, would make for a pretty boring game. You grab the genitals and you win every time.  

As Annalee Newitz of Alternet notes, not all men would agree with this vision of their sexuality. More generally, I tend to think that very few people’s sexual responses (male or female) could be accurately characterised as completely random or nearly wholly predictable. Though, of course, all this reminds me of Irigaray’s claims about women having sex organs all over their bodies. (In my cynical and uncharitable moments, I have sometimes reflected on how much more fun this would make such things as twiddling one’s thumbs.) And, finally, I feel obliged to note that the picure below is just kind of icky.Moaning Lisa

20 thoughts on “Woman as Video Game

  1. Shades of Barbie! Note the tiny waist, the impossibly huge breasts. Let me guess: Her feet must be permanently molded to fit high-heeled shoes. Of course, there’s not a hair to be seen on the body (other than those weird hanks on her head). Moaning Lisa has a permanent Brazillian. No blemishes either.
    These inventors can’t make any claims to accuracy with respect to female bodies. Moreover, what’s also missing is that there’s no hint that Moaning Lisa needs to be communicated with in any way.

  2. Not very anatomically correct, is she? Haven’t guys learned yet what REALLY turns women on? LOL
    My thoughts turned to Irigaray right away too.
    Just imagine a couple of dorkie looking women trying to ring the chimes of some dumb-ass gorgeous male sex doll.

  3. This is about as close to sex with women as these dorks will ever get – which is to say none.

  4. Is likening women to video games the only way to get these people to actively try to pleasure a woman? really?

  5. FuckthePatriarchy, you’re very mistaken.

    First, they get tons of adoring emails from hot girls from Eastern Europe every single day, and the “medical” advice they forward tells a lot about what they have in mind. Second, they meet a lot of gorgeous women in Second Life.

  6. Yeah, I think shrinking the breasts might actually make her more attractive. As it stands, she looks a bit awkward.

  7. It reminds of those Real Dolls – you can see the documentary here:

    When I first saw this it completley creeped me out and still does. But it is a strange thing – when I watch it, I find myself simultaneously creeped out by these men that buy “girlfriends” and somewhat empathetic to the fact that this is the only kind of relationship that they can seem to have.

  8. Maybe the two men are trying to stop her from falling over? ;o)

    I’m not sure men can learn techniques from a plastic doll. It misses the point. As a woman myself I know its more about warm, conversation and human contact, not ‘pressing a variety of buttons for instant action’.

    It a sex toy, really, and nothing more than that.

  9. She’s not very attractive. Watching a bit of the Guys and Dolls documentary kind of creeped me out – but I guess, at least, it’s a comfort for those outside the norm of society.

    I remember reading sometime w/in this past year of a scientists who wants to build robots as human companions. He has a book, too, I think.

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