Bangladesh: Hurricane and Blogging

Back when we hosted the Carnival of Feminists, JJ found the wonderful blog Bangladesh From Our View, written by women and girls in Bangladesh.  Kathy Ward, who helped set it up, has now written to us (and on her blog, Bideshi Blue) to tell us about the huge hurricane they have suffered and the lack of attention to their plight.

I am both shocked and dismayed at the lack of knowledge about the Category 5 hurricane that just plowed into Bangladesh on Thursday–a South Asian country with 140 million people and geographic size of the state of Wisconsin–but little international attention except for its cheap garment production-factories, remitting migrant workers in the Middle East and elsewhere, Army-Peacekeepers for the UN…According to many sources, the death toil from Cyclone Sidr has risen to 1000+ and many more thousands are injured and/or lost their dwellings-livestock-livelihoods amidst the coming Bangladesh cold, collapse of Bangladesh’s power grid, and resultant loss of mobile, internet, and phone networks and safe potable water.

Amazingly, the women and girls over at Bangladesh From Our View are still coming to classes, and writing material for their blog, to be posted when they get electricity– a real tribute to their strength, and also to the importance of the project of giving these people a voice and getting it heard.