For Canadian and US readers: Giving and Getting

UPDATE: The program described below has been extended to Dec. 31stThanks to Kathy in the comments for the information. 

For $399 you can give a laptop to a child in a developing country AND get one for a child in your life. The laptops look great for children anywhere, and the price is good for one laptop, let alone two. They have all sorts of extras, including a built in camera.


 Here’s the website.  It says, unfortunately, that the program is only for  the US and Canada.

Microsoft, and so Bill Gates, is the power behind this.

Correction above:  Thanks to Mr. Jender for pointing out the mistake about Bill Gates (see comments).

8 thoughts on “For Canadian and US readers: Giving and Getting

  1. JJ:

    good to let people know about this offer, but a few comments-clarifications.

    this computer runs on Linux (open source software) and doesn’t have the power-equipment to run on Windows, etc so pls don’t be so quick to link with Microsoft and Gates with this computer.

    pls see david pogue’s almost glowing NYT review:

    i have already ordered the buy one, donate one b/c i have seen what the problems are (outside the usa in currently developing countries) with Nari Jibon’s students’s smaller hands, lack of reliable power supply (e.g. Bangladesh right now) and expenses associated with legit copies of microsoft software (piracy is rampant, much less the costs of upgrading to VISTA, which still has many bugs in it). many computer folks have switched to open source software of which linux is just one version.

    so what are microsoft and bill gates really behind–promoting more windows products & computers that run windows???

    i’ll let you know what i think (with my large euro-american hands) when i get my glowing green XO computer. i wish that i had another one with it to check out the wireless chat function.

    btw, while readers are contemplating this buy one, donate one, also think about making a donation to the relief efforts that will be ongoing for a long time in Bangladesh post Cyclone Sidr. you can find some good links to sources in the websites mentioned in the hurricanes and blogging and my comment.

  2. KBW, thanks so much for your thoughtful clarifications.

    I was actually thinking in terms of Bill Gates as a philanthropist who is using some of his microsoft money to help people, so I actually meant to give credit where due. I realized afterwards that it was liable to be read very differently. So thanks for that part of your comments especially.

  3. No. Bill Gates is definitely not behind this. It’s Nicholas Negroponte from the MIT Media Lab.

    The Linux version (the operating system) on it is utterly unlike other Linux variations (which is saying something).

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