Overtones of Homophobia????

This article from MSNBC reports that Iran has spared a man scheduled to be hanged for homosexual acts, after the international outcry against the planned execution. Good news that he’s been spared, but horrendous that he should have to be.  And completely bizarre reporting:

With overtones of homophobia, suspicions of political retaliation and a conviction based on activities that allegedly occurred eight years earlier, when Mouloodzadeh was just 13, his case captured the attention of a number of international groups that are trying to pressure Iran into improving human rights for women, gays and children. 

Planning to execute someone for homosexual acts has overtones of homophobia? Overtones??  

3 thoughts on “Overtones of Homophobia????

  1. Well, gee, we wouldn’t want to falsely accuse anyone of prejudice, now would we? Like in this article that I blogged about, the AP says that blackface is “racially insensitive.” Really, racially insensitive? Uh, I think that what they mean is RACIST, but shhh, can’t tell white people that they might be racist! Can’t tell straight people that they might be homophobic, either.

    And anyway, I’d say that this is a bit more hateful than phobic.

  2. Cara, I’ve been wondering off and on today about your comments. I think you are right that there’s a reluctance to say to white people that they are racist, or to straight people that they are homophobic.

    I’m wondering why that is, and why it would include Iranian leaders. I guess that many don’t like saying that members of their own group have these ugly traits, even though it can be refreshing and indeed liberating to label such faults. But,in any case, why wouldn’t people feel happy to say it about exotic foreigners?

  3. News like this reminds me of how good we have it in the United States. It’s sad that I have lowered the bar so much that I consider the fact that I am safe from death to be a luxury in life. It is even sadder that extreme-left Republicans think that we have nothing to complain about in comparison to other places around the world. Thanks so much, Mitt, for your caring and kind actions.

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