Philosophers Are Employable!

At least in the UK, those possessing philosophy degrees are apparently increasingly in demand.

Lucy Adams, human resources director of Serco, a services business and a consultancy firm, says: “Philosophy lies at the heart of our approach to recruiting and developing our leadership, and our leaders. We need people who have the ability to look for different approaches and take an open mind to issues. These skills are promoted by philosophical approaches.”

Fiona Czerniawska, director of the Management Consultancies Association’s think tank, says: “A philosophy degree has trained the individual’s brain and given them the ability to provide management-consulting firms with the sort of skills that they require and clients demand. These skills can include the ability to be very analytical, provide clear and innovative thinking, and question assumptions.”

It’s often suggested that the dearth of minorities (and sometimes women) in philosophy is due in part to worries about getting a job. If that’s right, then one way to increase diversity in philosophy departments may be to publicise the employability of philosophers. (Thanks for the link, CH!)

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