How can we treat people like this?

Janipher Maseko was raped by armed rebels in Uganda and fled to the UK at 13.  At 18, she was in Yarl’s Wood detention centre, separated from her two children (one newborn), in agony from her swollen breasts, being told to take drugs to shut down her milk– and being told she was about to be sent back to Uganda, alone.  Fortunately, some good and powerful people intervened.  But her case is not yet over, and it’s not the only one.  Read more here.

One thought on “How can we treat people like this?

  1. Definitely a tragic story. There are at least 200,000 more as bad or worse in the Congo alone, all occurring without the press being around. The brutality of the rapes being done by the Hutu rebels there (the ones from the Rwandan genocide who fled justice) is unimaginable and not being addressed at all.

    I just spent a few weeks in Uganda myself and- as a politically conservative male- am constantly amazed at the level of abuse women are expected to put up with there. I literally serve as ‘protector’ for several older orphan girls there.

    If the feminist movement really wants to impact the world, places like Africa and Arabic states are a good place to concentrate on.

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