What’s Missing From This Story?

Reader Vanessa alerted us to this story, which is apparently just like many others to appear about the same incident. The complete story (with name removed):

A 17-year-old woman took part in a 45-minute group sex session on the verandah of the Occidental Hotel in central Christchurch, a court has been told.The Friday afternoon sex on October 12 took place in full view of Hereford Street and the surrounding office blocks.X pleaded guilty to charges of doing an indecent act, possession of cannabis resin, possession of utensils for taking drugs, and theft when she appeared before Judge Jane Farish in the Christchurch District Court.She was crying in court after the judge refused to lift her bail condition that forbids her from going to Latimer Square.The judge remanded X for a probation report on December 17 when a supervision sentence may be considered.  

Hmm… What’s missing? Hmm…. Group sex… Gosh, I don’t know, maybe there were some other people involved?

3 thoughts on “What’s Missing From This Story?

  1. That is pretty strange. Maybe she was the only one who got caught? But then why no “Police continue their search for the other suspects”?

  2. Oh hey, a little google-fu got this much from a different article: “There is currently no information on the other people involved in the hotel incident.” I’m still having trouble figuring out why the journalist who wrote the article post above couldn’t have thrown a similar sentence in there to close the plot hole.

  3. Many thanks for this! One of the best things about blogging is when other people go and do the research you don’t get around to. Glad to hear that someone at least recognises the need for more than one participant in group sex!

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