The APA approaches…

It’s the season when philosophers on the job market are getting phone calls and finding out whether they have interviews at the upcoming American Philosophical Association’s Eastern Division meeting, a.k.a. the jobs conference.  It’s an awful month, and the stresses abound (old philosophers can enjoy flashbacks and young philosophers can get an eyeful of the oozing stress here).  For feminist philosophers, this magical time of year is added to by the eternal question as to how feminist one can be at the APA.

My advice of the day: Do be yourself when it comes to your philosophy.  I’m not saying to be yourself in every respect, since job interviews are not the best place to moan over your aching feet, or complain about your lousy holiday party.  But in my limited experience, your feminism is probably somewhat evident from your application materials, which they’ve already read if they’re sitting in the ballroom with you.  Don’t worry about it, don’t try to hide it, and don’t overthink what you believe they want to hear.  They may have to live with you, and you with them, for years to come.  Best we all know each other now!

 Questions about the APA, the feminism, and the market?