A Perspective on the APA

Joan Callahan posted this to SWIP-L today.  Given discussion below on the APA, and Calypso’s (and  others’) remarks on behavior in the profession, I think it’s worth a separate post:

From the most recent APA Proceedings and Addresses:

Dear Editor,

I recently received my 9-year-old son’s yearly schoolwork portfolio from his fourth-grade teacher, adn I was pleasantly surprised to find included an account of his impressions of the Eastern Division Meeting in Washington, D.C. this past winter. In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that my family chose to accompany me to the meeting despite my warnings!

In any case, here’s what Atticus had to say.

[see attached document]

Charles Bolyard

“2 days after Christmas I went to a philosophy confrence [sic]. It was horrible. There were 200 philosophers. They all did weird things. They couldn’t make jokes, many had beards.

In the elevator it was worse. Once a philosopher got off on the wrong floor, so said, “wait for me.” “We’ll take you to the 27th,” said another. Nobody laughed. “Get it there are only 10 floors,” said some random old guy in a country accent. You get the point it was creepy.

A few days later there was a fire. Only one person was hurt, but everyone did weird things. Like people were standing in the roads, so nonphilosophers had to lead them out. Some people went back into the hotel. Firefighters had to lead them away. Still one guy stayed and had his bags blocking the door. Firefighters told him to move his bags, so he did, but when they left he put them back. I’ll never go to a philosophy confrence [sic] again.”

If you haven’t gone before, consider yourself warned!

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  1. Except it’s not smoky anymore! But unfortunately, I don’t know how much else has changed…

    I was glad Joan posted this, because I hadn’t seen it (who knew the Proceedings contained such gems!)

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